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Your web master has been at it again with his ancient Box Brownie camera
and has snapped a few general shots of the 2019 National Exhibition
during one of those all too rare quiet National Exhibition moments.

The official 2019 Gallery will be added with our September update.

Thanks go to Dave Walker, Enrico Maestranzi, Peter White & Quentin Smith
for their help with this year's Box Brownie Views

Rosebowl Winner
Rosebowl (our highest award) Winner: "Pegasus" by Kerry Rath of the Staffordshire Group

During Set Up
During Set Up

Up the main stairs
General View of the Gallery up the main staircase

Photo Exhibits Gallery
Class 10A Exhibits Gallery

Sandy Lee exhibit
Sandy Lee's amazing marquetry picture of childhood in Taiwan

The Tony Jacklin Wall
Part of the Tony Jacklin Wall

At the applied class
A gathering starting at the Applied Class display table

The Walled Garden
The Walled Garden

The Courtyard
The lovely old Courtyard

Visitors Crossing Bridge
Exhibition visitors crossing the entrance bridge

The Stocks
The Stocks prepared for the Exhibition Judges!

Courtyard and Cafe
Courtyard and Cafe

The old Courtyard
The old Courtyard

Main Hall frontage
The Main Hall frontage

Mike Roberts Teaches
Mike Roberts teaches marquetry techniques at the Exhibition

Seasoned Marquetarians at work
Some seasoned Marquetarians already at Work! They don't sit around here!

White Building
The White Building at Middleton Hall

Old Hall and Moat
The Old Hall itself and Moat

View from Staircase
View from the Staircase

Applied Exhibits
Some of the Applied Exhibits

Three Veneers Display
The Three Veneers Class Exhibits Boards

Peter presents Kerry with Rosebowl
2019 Rosebowl Winner Kerry Rath accepts Rosebowl from President Peter White

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