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Marquetry in Argentina

There is some very interesting marquetry being produced today in Argentina. It is heavily influenced by the historical styles reminiscent of the unique art produced by the earliest inhabitants of this ancient and noble country.

The styles of those early arts transfer so well from their original pottery formats into the medium of veneer marquetry that you would have thought that those designs were originally intended for the marquetry medium itself!

Here then, are just a few examples from the vast catalogue of today's beautifully produced Argentinian marquetry for you to enjoy:

Top left of 5 piece display

Bottom left 5 piece display

Centre of 5 piece display
This group forms the basis of a
5 piece set arrangement

Top right of 5 piece display

Bottom right 5 piece display

Centre 3 piece display
This picture plus the two below form a 3 piece set arrangement

Bottom left 3 piece display
Bottom right 3 piece display

Dancers performing a superb Tango step
Tango in the Moonlight

There is a very interesting Argentinian marquetry web site you may like to visit at:

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