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Marquetry in Brazil

There is a wonderful amount of really superb marquetry to be found in today's Brazil.

Christ the Redeemer (in Corcovado mountain) at Rio de Janeiro is a favourite subject for Brazilian art and marquetry. As can be seen here, marquetry provides a truly excellent medium for this world famous statue.

We have chosen the work of Brazilian Marquetry Artist Carlos Roberto as a splendid example of the high quality work he, and his fellow marquetarians are producing in that land of exotic woods and timbers.

The pictures below are only a small sample of Marquetry in Brazil today. Click the link at the bottom of this page to visit Carlos's own web site and see much more of this wonderful Brazilian marquetry.

The famous statue of Jesus
Christ the Redeemer adorning a trinket box

Danielles Chest
A delightful storage chest for Danielle
Tray mountain
Christ the Redeemer makes a perfect picture for a tray

Lilian Box
A jewellery box for Lilian

Self portrait by Brazilian Marquetry Artist Carlos Roberto

An excellent catch!
Portrait of Luciana Marchetada

Round container
Star design on a circular trinket box
Checker pattern container
Chequer pattern on a circular trinket box

Cerimonial sword
Ceremonial Sword in a plush lined natural wood case

Even more of this superb Brazilian marquetry can be found at:

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