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Important Information Regarding Our Data Protection Policy

Privacy and confidentiality of membership data for the Marquetry Society

Privacy and confidentiality of our membership’s personal details, especially regarding electronically stored data of the same, are of prime concern to the Marquetry Society.

We keep a database of our membership’s personal details which contains the member’s name, postal address, allocated membership number, phone number if given, email address if given, group or independent status and lastly, subscription status. This fully updated and the current database is only kept on the Marquetry Society’s protected membership computer – it is not distributed.

A separate database designed specifically for the mailing out of our internal magazine is also kept – this database consists only of the member’s name and postal address together with their allocated membership number - no other information is kept on this database.

This mailing out database is regularly updated and deceased and resigning members are removed as soon as we are informed – and new members are added usually within a day of joining.

A copy of the mailing out database is supplied to our printers, who are also our distributors, every quarter (our publishing schedule) via an encrypted cloud storage system, so that they (our printer/distributors) can perform their mail out duties on our behalf.

Any of our members are welcome to verify, change, remove or delete their data held on our two databases by simply contacting us via the copious email links found on our website (they all email to: and these will be responded to, usually within 24hours. We can also be phoned or written to with any concerns relating to a member’s data by using any of the contact details found on the inner front cover of our quarterly magazine The Marquetarian.

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