Awards &

Roll of Honour title

for "The Peoples Choice Award"

Awarded for the exhibit, in Classes 1 through 9 only, that is most liked by visitors to the exhibition, determined by a visitor voting slip ballot. The winning exhibit will be named when the exhibition has closed and all valid voting slips have been counted. In the event of a tie, one voting slip from each of the ties exhibits will be entered into a closed draw, a single ticket being drawn to determine the winner.

From 2015 to be presented as The Eddie Leader People's Choice Award



Year Winner Group
2004 N. Micklewright Independent
2005 B. Nichols Independent
2006 J. Jeggo Staffordshire
2007 J. Biggs Thurrock
2008 J. Jeggo Staffordshire
2009 P. White Meopham
2010 (Tied) S. Lee Taiwan
2010 (Tied) P. Levins Scotland
2011 J. Jeggo Staffordshire
2012 B. Freestone Harrow
2013 C. Roberts Chelmsford
2014 Frank Brant Chelmsford
2015 Kerry Rath Staffordshire
2016 J. Jeggo Staffordshire
2017 C. Roberts Chelmsford

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