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Marquetry in Iran

Marquetry is an art that has been practised for what seems almost like eons of time in Iran. Those artists and craftsmen have developed skills and visions which we can only describe as amazing.

Our next four marquetry artists from Iran are Mostafa Nematzadeh and Gary Samdaliri and Mohsen Tashkhourian and Saeid Farokhnezhad.

First, on this page, we feature the work of Mostafa, on the next page you will find Gary's superb Krishna themed marquetry pictures and on the third page the wonderful work of Mohsen Tashkhourian.

So, first off, please enjoy the exquisite marquetry work of Mostafa Nematzadeh:

Doves and Moon

4 Musical Girls

Birds and Tree

Lion Portrait
Vladimar Putin

Smelting Precious Metal
Strong Man and Princess

Now, check out the marquetry work of Mohsen Tashkhourian

Now, check out the marquetry work of Gary Samdaliri

Now, check out the marquetry work of Saeid Farokhnezhad

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