Kevin lives some way from the nearest group and so Marquetry has been a bit of an exploration for him. Starting with essentially the stick as you go method, he discovered the Marquetry Society website and the window method and so onwards and upwards with his work. He wrote saying he was nervous about publishing his work but I can only applaud him for doing so as we all had to start somewhere and having seen the pictures he has sent he has achieved an excellent level given that he is essentially self taught. There is no substitute for personal tuition and to get this far on his own is absolutely terrific. Well done Kevin and we look forward to more work and hopefully some entries in the National. What makes Kevin's work special is that Kevin is colour-blind and so painting is difficult. With wood he knows that he is working with a set of brown tones and apart from some guidance on tonal depth he is confident that his results will be good. The pictures prove the point. If you know someone who is colour-blind but wants to create pictures then marquetry may the answer and Kevin's work is proof  of success.

Although most of his work are gifts, this one was for himself.
Marquetry should be for pleasure so the choice of subject will always remain personal but it shows just how the wood grain can be used to such good effect.

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