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Commercial & Trade Links
Turners Retreat (Formerly Craft Supplies Ltd) Where to go for all your Marquetry and general hobby needs. Veneers, tools and glues plus plenty more are all available here.
QJS Marquetry A very friendly Company that produces unique and beautiful bespoke marquetry on a commission basis. Just visit their web site for details and while you are there, why not enjoy a tour around their gallery.
Mosaic Florentine mosaic or commesso is the art of making pictures and other items from thin slices of semi-precious stones. As with wood veneers in marquetry, the patterns and figuring in the colourful stones make this artistic craft quite unique. A leading workshop in Florence is that of the Scarpelli family and they are featured briefly on the DVD 'Artistic Considerations'.
An intruiging site to visit.
Susan Bart A bespoke marquetry artist who works on a commission basis. Just visit Susan's web site and enjoy a visit to her amazing marquetry art gallery. We cannot recommend Susan's work highly enough, it is unique and totally original. Simply superb.
Bilbart Decorative and practical marquetry pieces such as picture, photograph and certificate frames made from selected quality moldings and adorned with beautifully chosen burr (burl) veneers. Coaster sets are also available with magnificent sea horse or elephant motifs.
The Wood Veneer Hub are a company that supplies the likes of Bentley Motors and bespoke Yacht builders with the finest veneers available. They have recently opened up an online shop to make those high quality veneers available to we marquetarians. Click the link on the right to visit their web site and see for yourself.
Veneers & Bandings John Coffey veneer supplies can furnish you with the veneers you need for your marquetry project at very competitive prices. Just a phone call or e-mail enquiry will let you know what is in stock and at what price. Much used by our membership. Phone: 01592 201 556

or Email enquiries to:
Artcraftveneers We have full leaf in Oak, Birds Eye Maple, USA Walnut and Amazaque. Precut pieces in 36" x 8" and 18" x 6" and bundles of 12" x 4". We have lots of 500g offcut packs at £8/bag and a selection of specialist and collectors packs.

Phone: 07702 798724

or Email enquiries to:

Aryma Contemporary Marquetry have an on-line shop for those specialist items that may not be available elswhere.
Original Marquetry Ltd. are a good source of 1,000's of rare and difficult to find products. Check out their web site, you will be amazed and surprised at what they have in stock.
Capital Crispin are based in Beckton, London and have over 100 types of veneer in stock as well as pre-cut designs for furniture
Blades and Knives Direct. On-line suppliers of Swann and Morton scalpel blades and handles at very competitive prices. Find your favourite blades here - just click the link on the right.
Reif and Company are long established suppliers of quality veneers in the North of England. Based in Altrincham, Manchester, they offer a wide range of veneers from managed sources
Eaton Sea Shells, is a supplier of Mother of Pearl and other various shell inlay blanks. Have a look at the Abalone shell, it is superb. Some wonderful material to be found here that could well complement an adventurous marquetry picture.
Scalpels and An online supplier of those essential numbers 10, 11 & 11E scalpel blades. They stock all the handles and variations of blades you could wish for in the pursuit of marquetry. Well worth checking out.
Aspirational Furniture. Lists over 700 UK bespoke furniture makers, some of whom include marquetry. Visitors to the site, who are looking for individual, handmade furniture, can search by location, the room they want to furnish and the material the furniture will be made from.
Anita Marquetry (the main web site) - suppliers of specialist design work and laser cut marquetry.
Infurma. A Spanish company who specialise in bandings and decorative borders. Well worth a look if you need something special. You need to contact them for overseas orders.
ebay. Fancy bidding online for some veneers? Just remember that you have to register as a buyer and don't forget that there will be a carriage charge.
Heritage Inlay produce traditional hand cut marquetry designs on furniture and many other beautiful pieces. As well as hand cutting, they are also fully equiped with the latest laser cutting facilities. Do have a look at their web site, it is very interesting and informative.
D.F.Richards (veneers limited): Veneers Suppliers. They have a very informative and easy to use web site which shows the veneers progress from tree to final veneer.
D. Brooker - Woodprint. A new twist to using wood veneers and modern technology. The purists will turn their noses up but others may see it as a very useful way of getting complex designs onto veneer prior to traditional cutting.
Netcrafts. An interesting site that covers a wide range of crafts. Something different for the creative marquetarian. Pattern making software with ideas for combining marquetry and the computer.

Groups, Clubs & Associated Links
Staffordshire Marquetry Group. A very friendly group with a very friendly web site. Definitely worth visiting.
Redbridge Marquetry Group. A great snap shot of group life with all of the characters who have made this club one of the cornerstones of Marquetry in the UK today.
Leeds Marquetry Group. A large and very successful group located in the Yorkshire Dales. They have a wonderful web site where it's very easy to spend an hour or two in complete enjoyment. Recommended.
Skylark Galleries. Featuring the marquetry artwork of marqueteer Susan Bart. Susan is a member of the Marquetry Society and is also a successful resident artist with prestigious Skylark Galleries, South Bank, London. To learn more click link>
American Marquetry Society. This is the place to visit for all your marquetry information in the USA. They operate a very informative web site with a copious amount of superb marquetry work in their galleries. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.
Marquetry Society of Victoria Inc. The web site that keeps you up to date with all matters marquetry in the land of "ice cold tubes & barbies" Australia. A superbly produced web site that's well worth a visit. The website of Ernie Mills marquetry artist. Ernie produces much superb marquetry work and this website showcases his work brilliantly, do check it out.
Gary Samdaliri has been creating Sacred Themes in Wood for around five years. He has mastered the skill of Persian Marquetry and spends much of his time making great works of art. He specialises in themes based on sacred art and mythology, taken from both eastern and western traditions. Well worth a visit. The equivalent site to this one across the pond. You will see a different style of marquetry with guest pages and galleries.
The Marquetry Society of Canada. A superb web site from our marquetry friends in Canada. Have a look at their humour section, it's a right good marquetry themed "belly laugh". Excellent galleries and tutorials into the bargain.
Marqueterie Pages. A very interesting marquetry themed web site from Holland. The web site is still being constructed, but the current examples and information (mostly Dutch at the moment) are well worth checking out. A forum for discussion on Marquetry. Your chance to pose questions or provide answers to queries.
Paul Krenz. Paul is looking for new contacts to discuss the artistic work that he produces. His site is in German but we hope he will be producing an English translation soon.

Reference Links
Wine Cellar This is another highly recommended website with lots of information about woodworking and the tools required for the activity. Boy Scout Logan recommended this site to us as a really good reference source for all matters woodwork. Certainly worth a visit - there's lots of very useful information there. Thanks Logan.
Austin Real Has a good collection of woodworking projects which are highly recommended by student volunteer Brendan of the Hastings Recreation and Community Center located in Minnesota. Brendan even made the floating shelf project hanging in the directors office! So, this website is well worth checking out for similar good ideas.
Thanks for the recommendation Brendan. This is a highly recommended website with lots of information about different parts of wood marquetry. The staff and students of Elmgrove Community Center have very kindly told us that this website is a very useful reference source. After our editorial team visited the website, we find that we most certainly agree with them.
Home This is another highly recommended website with lots of information about woodworking and the tools required for the activity. Steven Neale and his son Tyler recommended this site to us as a really good reference source for all matters woodwork. Certainly worth a visit - there's lots of very useful information there.
Alans Factory Outlet. A well recommended website for information and guidance on all matters wood turning related. If you want to know anything about wood turning, then visit this website. We thank Alex for finding this very useful website and telling us about it. It's well worth a visit.
Fotosearch. A website with a massive database of more than 12 million photographs which you can download to your computer at competitive prices. Many photographs are copyright free! Another website with a massive database of millions of photographs which you can download to your computer at competitive prices. Could give you inspiration for your next marquetry project.

Willow Tree Academy. The Willow Tree Academy of fine woodworking is located in Livonia Michigan . Our Marquetry Society member Joe Trippi is a Director and Tutor at the Academy. Web site well worth a visit.

B & B Rare Woods. An American site with a comprehensive collection of veneers with photographs. Very useful if you are trying to identify a particular veneer.
Celebrate North Yorkshire. A very useful Directory which concentrates on all the voluntary arts, in all their diversity, in and around York and North Yorkshire. Check it out, it is very useful if you are located in, or visiting, the area.
Patrick Edwards. Patrick has started a school in San Diego teaching French marquetry methods (used at ecole Boulle in Paris). He has a great deal of experience and an impressive background in the technical and biological study of wood. (Look on the site under Consulting and then Curriculum Vitae)
Patrick Delarme. Patrick displays his work over the last few years. The site is in French but the pictures are in wood, a language we all understand.
40 Woodworking projects for kids. Forty simple and easy to accomplish projects for introducing kids to the joys of woodworking. Check it out, it is really good.
More Woodworking projects for kids & Parents. One of the Scout Troop boys, Sean, found this guide which is really good. It has a ton of woodworking projects the kids can do with their parents - well worth a visit. Thanks Sean.
Mosaic Mills . Mosaic Mills have pictorial marquetry and inlaid wood designs available.

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Visit Vale Veneers web site for veneers at reasonable prices.
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MCB Veneers Supplies

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Wood Veneers 4U (formerly MCB wood veneer SUPPLIES) have a new website.
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are a West Country supplier of top quality veneers including rare Oysters & Butts.

Jan Walker

is a Canadian Marquetry Artist and Teacher with a very interesting web site.
You can purchase marquetry kits and training DVD's through Jan's web site to help you on your way to becoming a seasoned marquetarian.
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Visit the BAGPRESS.COM web site for a special offer for all of our Marquetry Society members.

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Felber Intarsien
is a German family based veneer business operating its own marquetry school.
Their web site displays a superb gallery that you are guaranteed to enjoy.
Although the web site is in German, we are sure that you will have no difficulty getting around their web site, it is very intuitive.

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Woodworking on the Web link

A superb Directory of wood based web sites.
They have a superb marquetry section which you can
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Visit the American Marquetarian Society's excellent web site.
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