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2015 Marquetry Exhibition

The 2015 International Marquetry Exhibition will be hosted by the Chelmsford Group
at Ingatestone Hall, Ingatestone, Essex in May 2015.

On this page and the next are a small series of photos of the exhibition and the
superb location as taken by your web officer at a previous exhibition.

Some Views of the 2015 International Marquetry Exhibition Location
Here are a few photos of the picturesque location itself (note the typical English weather!):
Front Entrance to Ingatestone Hall
The entrance gate to Ingatestone Hall

Entry Drive to Ingatestone Hall
The long path to the Gate House

Gatehouse from the distance Ingatestone Hall
Approaching the Gate House

The Hall from the Gatehouse
At last we can see the Hall from the Gate House

Approaching the Hall itself
Ingatestone Hall itself

The entrance to the exhibition
Approaching the entrance to the Exhibition

Photos from an earlier marquetry exhibition at this location click here

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