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Marquetry in Norway

These beautiful cabinets, boxes and marquetry pictures are the work of Ole Jakob Schjetlein, a good friend and member of the Marquetry Society who resides and works in Norway.

The standard of Ole's work is beyond reproach and is designed in house by Ole himself. The boxes and chests Ole produces are real works of art and would be a wonderful addition to any home or collection.

But, don't just take our word for the high standard of Norwegian marquetry work, scroll down the page and check it out for yourself - you are going to be more than impressed :




Chest Closed



Chest Open
Chest opened

Design in Log
A Marquetry Design in a Natural Timber Section


Snake Head Box

Snake Head Box

Snake head Box inside
Snake Head Box opened

You can see a lot more of this wonderful Norwegian
marquetry at Ole's own web site:

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