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Our Online Subscription RENEWAL Service Uses Stripe to Process Your Renewal Application.
You will be able to complete the online renewal of your membership
subscription to the Marquetry Society here!

Important: To simplify our online membership renewal process for you we have combined
the renewal and subscription forms into one single form which you may access by
clicking the 'Buy' button at the bottom of this page.

When using Stripe you will note a small extra charge appears on your subscription.
This is the amount which PayPal deducts from your subscription to us
and therefore we have no choice but to add it as a supplement.

When completing the online renewal form would you, if possible, please enter your
membership number alongside your name in the following manner:
John Smith 1234 This will help us to fast-track your membership renewal

The Buy button below is a Stripe secure button

PLEASE NOTE: Due to PayPal killing off online payments for small businesses, we have
had to find a new online payments system. This is now Stripe who is dealing with our
online payments. Just click the "BUY" button in the box below and you will be taken to the
Stripe payment screen.



The £90 Stripe shows in the box below is the total price for all 3 locations. Obviously you do
not want to pay the subscriptions for all 3 locations, so when the payment page
shows onscreen after clicking the BUY button, just delete the locations you do not want by
deleting the "quantity" of the others to zero to leave just your own location which will show the
correct amount for you, and complete the payment screen then click the "PAY" button
and you will then be returned to the Thank You page on this website.

You can also use this link when applying for new membership online if you wish.


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