Awards &

Roll of Honour title


Awarded for the best entry in the advanced miniatures class.

From 2015 to be presented as The Richard Shellard Award



Year Winner Group
1986 R.C. Gibbons Bexley
1987 R.C. Gibbons Bexley
1988 P.J. Levins Scotland
1989 P.J. White Meopham
1990 R.C. Gibbons Bexley
1991 D. Carman Harrow
1992 R.C. Gibbons Bexley
1993 P.J. White Meopham
1994 P.J. Levins Scotland
1995 P.J. Levins Scotland
1996 P.J. Levins Scotland
1997 R.C. Gibbons Bexley
1998 I. Norkett Harrow
1999 R.C. Gibbons Bexley
2000 F. Featherstone West Wales
2001 F. Featherstone West Wales
2002 Q.J. Smith Staffordshire
2003 P.J. Levins Scotland
2004 T. Cambridge Staffordshire
2005 P.J. Levins Scotland
2006 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2007 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2008 T. Cambridge Staffordshire
2009 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2010 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2011 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2012 Q.J. Smith Staffordshire
2013 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2014 W. Gulwell Cotswold
2015 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2016 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2017 B. Freeman Staffordshire

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