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The first National Exhibition of the Marquetry Society was held in the foyer of the Odeon Cinema, Guildford, in the summer of 1953. It attracted an entry of one hundred and seventy pieces of marquetry, and the first overall winner was Cliff Penny with his picture “Spiral Staircase”. Such was the success of this exhibition that, following its run at Guildford, it went on a tour of Odeon and Gaumont cinemas up and down the country.

The idea of a perpetual challenge trophy to be competed for each year does not seem to have been seriously considered until after the second National Exhibition, held the following year, also at the Odeon Cinema, Guildford. At this exhibition the overall winner was J. Brand, who was awarded an engraved pewter tankard as a permanent memento of his win. The Rose Bowl itself actually materialised, largely due to the efforts of Mr Norman Coppin and associates of the London group, in time for the third national. (Retrospective inscriptions were added to the base of the trophy to mark the previous two winners). In 1972 a second tier was added to the base to create space for additional discs to take the names of winners, this adding even more stature to the trophy. Awarded to the best entry in the competition.



Year Winner Group
1953 Cliff Penny London
1954 John Brand London
1955 Paul Jobling Assumed London – formed East Surrey Group Dec 1955
1956 S. H. Saunders London
1957 R. M. Owen East Surrey
1958 J. Byrne London
1959 R. Cotterell West Kent
1960 none Exhibition not held
1961 H. Quick West Kent
1962 A. Vigus West Kent
1963 J. Alexander West Kent
1964 A. Pollosch Independent
1965 J. Savage London
1966 C. Good London
1967 C. Good London
1968 A. Christopher Bristol
1969 P. Jobling West Kent
1970 C. Rogers West Kent
1971 J. Garrud London
1972 C. Woodcock West Kent
1973 C. Good London
1974 D. Hunt Bristol
1975 C. Good London
1976 E. Ives Ipswich
1977 A. Smales Bristol
1978 P. Metcalfe Independent
1979 D. Farrow Ipswich
1980 E. Robins West Kent
1981 T. Harrison Leeds
1982 R. Shellard Bristol
1983 R. Shellard Cotswold
1984 R. Shellard Cotswold
1985 A. Smith Leeds
1986 A. Townsend Chelmsford
1987 A. Townsend Chelmsford
1988 P. White Bexley
1989 A. Townsend Chelmsford
1990 D. Middleton Chelmsford
1991 A. Lord Independent
1992 P. Levins Scotland
1993 P. Levins Scotland
1994 A. Townsend Chelmsford
1995 P. White Meopham
1996 A. Townsend Chelmsford
1997 J. Biggs Thurrock
1998 P. Levins Scotland
1999 P. White Meopham
2000 N. White Independent
2001 G. Baker Chelmsford
2002 J. Cane Chelmsford
2003 J. Jeggo Staffordshire
2004 N. White Independent
2005 A. Townsend Chelmsford
2006 A. Townsend Chelmsford
2007 A. Townsend Chelmsford
2008 J. Thompson Thurrock
2009 M. Jafari Bexley
2010 A. Townsend Chelmsford
2011 A. Townsend Chelmsford
2012 A. Townsend Chelmsford
2013 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2014 M. Jafari Bexley
2015 A. Mansfield Redbridge
2016 B. Freeman Staffordshire
2017 B. Freeman Staffordshire

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