Awards &

Roll of Honour title


Awarded to the best piece of work in the competitive classes by an Independent member.

From 2015 to be presented as The Walter Dolley Award.

As the London Group was now in a process of disbanding and with several of the exmembers joining the new groups of Redbridge and Harrow, I suggested to the late Mr. Dolley's son that the money (from the sale of Mr. Dolleys veneers and equipment) should be used to provide a memorial cup for marquetry and I used Alf Murtell's idea that it should be competed for by the Redbridge and Harrow groups annually. The cup to be called the Walter Dolley memorial cup for marquetry. A salver to be offered to the non group members of the society to be competed for at the National Exhibition also annually and bearing the title the Walter Dolley Memorial Salver for Marquetry. I have discussed this with Mr. J. Moxey the non group secretary and as a result suggest that the Salver may only be won once by any non group member of the society.
(Taken from a letter by Charles Good)



Year Winner Group
1980 J. Savage Independent
1981 J. Wagstaff Leamington Spa
1982 A.R. Reindorp Basildon
1983 A.R. Reindorp Basildon
1984 B. Massey Independent
1985 A.R. Reindorp Independent
1986 A.R. Reindorp Independent
1987 A.R. Reindorp Independent
1988 A. Lord Independent
1989 A. Lord Independent
1990 A Hrabowecky Independent
1991 P.R.O. Stephens Independent
1992 P. Davies Independent
1993 E Christodulakis Independent
1994 T.W. Leeming Independent
1995 A. Smith Independent
1996 A. Soo Independent
1997 F.S. Chambers Independent
1998 T. Davis Independent
1999 N Micklewright Independent
2000 N. White Independent
2001 T. Tunaley Independent
2002 B. Nichols Independent
2003 J. Herbert Independent
2004 B. Bedford Independent
2005 M. Phillips Independent
2006 T. Lawson Independent
2007 J. Herbert Independent
2008 B. Bedford Independent
2009 M. Nicholls Independent
2010 B. Mills Independent
2011 Shao-Nan Huang Independent
2012 Shao-Nan Huang Independent
2013 Shao-Nan Huang Independent
2014 E. Mills Independent
2015 I. Burrows Independent
2016 P. Schurch Independent
2017 S. Bart Independent

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