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The requirements needed to produce your first picture are modest, both in cost and quantity.

As, hopefully, you progress on to more ambitious pictures and applied marquetry your stock of veneers will increase and some more tools and aids will be added to your basic equipment. But for the moment here is a check list of your basic requirements:-

Pack of veneers
Sufficient to produce your picture and act as a starter for your own stock of veneers.
Veneers are available from many sources and you will find many suppliers in the links for Marquetry, especially if you use a search engine.
The specialist supplier who supports the annual National Exhibition, Art Veneers, will be pleased to sell you a beginners pack by mail order.
Craft knife
There are many types on the market.
Over a period of time find out which one suits you and your style of working. A favourite for beginners has an aluminium shaft (pencil thickness) and takes 11a size blades.
Cutting board
Can be very cheap or very expensive.
A modest one can be made from a piece of plywood, MDF, or chipboard covered with a vinyl tile.
Ordinary white PVA wood glue in a small container.
Rubbing stick
A smooth "Gothic Arch" shaped hardwood block used to press the inserted veneers in to the picture and rub the glue into the joint.
Tracing paper
A piece of good quality tracing paper larger than the picture.
Should be 4H or above as tracing paper takes the point off very quickly.
Carbon paper
Black NOT blue as the latter tends to stain the wood.
Carbon paper is fast disappearing with the advent of word processing. Hang on to any supplies that come your way.
White paper veneer tape
Paper tape to prevent veneers splitting while cutting etc.
Masking tape
For holding the tracing in position and keeping your veneers in registration during marking out.
Sharpening stone

To maintain the knife blade point.
A piece of cloth backed emery paper is a good substitute.

Set square
Necessary when finishing the picture.
A steel straight edge is also handy.
Metal rule
Necessary when finishing the picture.
Abrasive paper
Various grades of 'sandpaper' for finishing.
We recommend silicon carbide 320 and 600 grades.
There are several different types.
See the section on polishing before you buy.
Last but not least your own choice of design.

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