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A Christmas Gift idea for that Marquetry enthusiast
in your life

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father_xmas If you are looking for an unusual Christmas gift you would like to give to a marquetry enthusiast you know - then why not consider enrolling them as a new member of the Marquetry Society with their first two years subscription fully paid up? xmas_stocking

You will receive a Welcome Pack with a membership certificate made out in the new member's name, plus the previous twelve month's editions of the Marquetarian magazine.

You will be entitled to our 2 for 1 offer (that is 2 year's fully paid up membership for the price of 1) which will give your gift recipient a full 2 year's paid up membership.

Note: This 2 for 1 offer is only open to new membership applications.

You can apply for this special Christmas Gift Membership and pay the subscription online by clicking the following link and choosing the appropriate standard membership option for your location:

Online Form & Payment Selection Page

After you have paid the subscription, send us an e-mail to:

with the name, address (email & postal) and phone number of the new member you are buying the subscription for and we will do the rest. Don't forget to include your name so that we can tie the two together. The Welcome Pack will be sent to your own address.

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