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Bricks, Walls, Tiles and Pebbles in Marquetry by Peter White

This DVD review covers a tutorial disc we think you will find to be not only entertaing and informative, but also very worthwhile adding to your collection.

The title of this tutorial DVD is Bricks, Walls, Tiles and Pebbles in Marquetry. It was put together by master Marquetarian Peter White, so you know from that information alone that this disc is going to teach you marquetry skills you will find invaluable in creating your next marquetry masterpiece.

For details of how to purchase this tutorial DVD, or indeed any of our tutorial DVDs, just click this following link:

"Tutorial DVDs Purchase Information"

Our tutor Peter, is as many of you will know, a Rosebowl winning Marquetarian of the highest calibre.

Peter now produces these DVD tutorials in wide screen format as can be seen in our screen capture on the left. This new DVD teaches you how to make convincing looking brick and stone work in the medium of marquetry.

Photo left: Cutting the bricks ready for a wall

This DVD shows you the methods needed to make a variety of walls and roofs in marquetry.

You have standard brick walls plus dry stone walling and many other variations of commonly used brick work. You will also be shown how to make the mortar look correct rather than have it appear as black or white lines.

Photo right: Assembling a rustic style of brick work

We will see how you can make a marquetry brick wall look realistic in angular perspective, as you can see here on the left.

You must admit that the example seen here certainly does have a very realistic appearance. Check the DVD out and learn how it is done.

Photo left: A brick wall in perspective

Not only will you learn how to produce those convincing brick walls in the medium of marquetry, you will also learn how to make a realistic tiled roof into the bargain.

Many marquetarians over the years have attempted to have a go at producing brick walls in marquetry, but have ended up with somewhat of a technical drawing blue print rather than a realistic brick wall appearance. So if you want to make a wall that looks artistically correct, then treat yourself to this very helpful DVD. It is a wonderful tutorial.

Photo right: A stone wall watermill in marquetry

We think you'll find this DVD very helpful if you want to include brick walls and suchlike in your marquetry project.

Therefore we think we can say we most definitely recommend this latest DVD to you. The screen shots seen in this review have been taken directly from the DVD itself.

Photo right: Marquetry brick wall being made ready for cutting into a marquetry picture as required

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