This Gallery displays marquetry works that are liked and enjoyed by their makers but have not necessarily achieved an award at any
exhibition or competition.

If you would like to have a picture included in this Gallery please submit it as a jpeg e-mail attachment to our editorial team
at the following address:

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Gordon Negus

Gordon Negus made this Marquetry table
which he entitles "Sea God"

This is the design Gordon adapted from the mosaic
floor seen at the Verulamium Museum in St Albans

Suzanne 'Zani'

BATEMAN plaque by Suzanne 'Zani'

NAME STAND by Suzanne 'Zani'

BATEMAN plaque 2 by Suzanne 'Zani'


Princess from the deep by "Mano"

Al Robert

"Mucha Maiden"
by Al Robert

Suzanne Marquess

by Suzanne Marquess

Arie Coetzee

"No Time To Rest"
by Arie Coetzee


"Moonlit Dunes"
by Arie Coetzee


"Canada Geese"
by Arie Coetzee

"Ebb Tide"
by Arie Coetzee

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