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This three minute 'sample extract' video consists of three selections taken from the marquetry tutorial DVD "Geometric Marquetry" presented by master marquetarian Peter White.

There is more than an hours worth of high quality marquetry training on this disc alone. Not a minute is wasted, you'll watch and learn fantastic techniques which you can then use with confidence and ease in your own projects.

With this video DVD you will learn the techniques of the Greek Key Border, the Louis Cubes, Strips and Stripes, and lastly, Bandings.

You would expect these techniques to be complicated, but with Peter's guidance they are made easy and simple. You'll find Peter's easy manner will give you the reassurance to try these techniques you never before thought possible!

Peter with Example Piece

The video and audio quality of these tutorial DVD's is naturally of the highest quality and comes with fully selectable on screen menus.

Our sample video unfortunately does not replicate the 'full screen' detailed quality you will see on your own DVD playback equipment, as we naturally have to tweak and compress it so that those on a slow connection can also view our video without having to wait ages for it to download.

This snapshot sample of marquetry tutor Peter White showing us one of those completed projects taken from the tutorial DVD itself, demonstrates the high quality of the video seen on the DVD.

For more details about these marquetry training and tutorial DVDs, with information regarding their purchase, just visit our News Page. Here's a quick link: "News Page"

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