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Sad to report that in early April 2014 the USA marquetry movement lost one of its most stalwart members Hosie Main. Hosie will be terribly missed by all who knew him.

Here is a little history of Hosie's marquetry success written by his son Tom:

"Hosie won “Best of Show” on the “Oregon Barn” at the International Creative Marquetry Show in Ipswich, England on October 13-18, 1986.  He also won “Honorable Mention” for his “Even The Mice Are Poorly” at the same show.  Hosie said, “Blue bugwood probably had a lot to do with why I walked away with the prize at Ipswitch.” 

Blue bugwood is a stain created by the pine beetle in the local Ponderosa Pine which makes a wonderfully blue mottled patina and makes great skies for the pictures.   These is also a brown bugwood which Hosie used for the foregrounds. 

Hosie made his own veneer using wood from local sawmills. Hosie started making marquetry pictures in 1972 after crafting a viola which he played in the Rapid City Symphony. 

His avocation with woodworking started at an early age 4 when he kept taking the hammer from his father, a Methodist minister, who was constructing a new church in Pipestone, Minnesota so he got his own hammer.

Hosie Main

Hosie grew up in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin as the ministry moved around every few years at that time.

He became an accomplished musician and had his own dance band and taught orchestra.  In WWII he was in D-Day plus one at Utah Beach in Normandy and served out the remainder of the war at Litchfield.  Returning from the war he taught orchestra in Boise, Idaho and Rapid City, South Dakota until he retired in 1975.   

The next 39 years he crafted marquetry pictures sold at the gift shop at Mt. Rushmore and went fishing with his son, Tom, in his spare time.  In fact, one of his pictures sold at Mt. Rushmore the day before he passed away.   He won awards for his marquetry in Colorado, Canada, New York and Minnesota besides England.  He also taught Tom his craft."

Hosie Main
Hosie in 1986 with the Ipswich Ribbons

Here is a copy of the report of Hosie's award winning marquetry picture from the Spring 1987 edition of the Marquetarian:


Hosie Main of Rapids City, South Dakota, U.S.A. flew to Ipswich to receive the Best in Show Award at the 3rd International Creative Marquetry Show that was held in the Corn Exchange during October 1986. On show were original marquetry exhibits from 5 different countries, exhibits that had to pass a screening process and which were judged for their artistic impact as much as for craftsmanship.

Hosie's striking picture "Oregon Barn" was liked by the judges, David Holgate and Rex Miller, for its unusual sky and ground made from wood veneers that he cut himself from insect infected and fungal attacked pine ("Bugwood" he called it) which gave the veneer a streaky blue appearance. Hosie is a self taught marquetarian who mostly exhibits at art shows and rarely sees the work of fellow marquetarians said, "I was floored when I saw the result!"

1st place went to Ernie Ives for "Controlled Air Space" and 2nd and 3rd places to Suzanne Cartwright for "Ruins of Casaerea" and the tray "In My Mother's House" which she exhibited at our St. Albans National.

The 4th I.C.M.S. will be held in the U.S.A.  S.A.E. for details from Suzanne Cartwright, -- Church Lane, Sproughton, Ipswich, IP8 3AY.  

Hosie with Best in Show
Hosie Main with Oregon Barn, Best in Show

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