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Here we have our newly introduced eMag membership option.

Our eMag membership is a cheaper and simplified form of membership where,
instead of receiving a printed copy of our magazine The Marquetarian every quarter
you will instead receive an electronic PDF copy of it as an email attachment.

Also, the Welcome Pack does not come with the eMag membership, but you
can receive a PDF version of your membership certificate upon request.

When using Stripe you will note a small extra charge appears on your subscription.
This is the amount which Stripe deducts from your subscription to us
and therefore we have no choice but to add it as a supplement.

The Buy button below is a Stripe secure button

PLEASE NOTE: Just click the "BUY" button in the box below and you will be taken to the
Stripe payment screen.



Please use the BUY button below when applying for new eMag membership online.
Complete all sections to become a new eMag member of the Marquetry Society.

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