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As you all probably know, the Rosebowl Award is the highest accolade in the pantheon of marquetry prestige,
which is presented to the ultimate marquetry piece at the annual National Marquetry Exhibition.

This perpetual "Challenge Trophy" was first awarded at the 3rd National Exhibition in 1955.

Most of you will never have seen those Rosebowl Winners from the early years, so, as an early seasonal gift,
we are displaying all the Rosebowl Winners (expect for a couple of missing ones) for you to enjoy

Here then, is the history of the "Silver Rosebowl Executive Committee Challenge Trophy" from the very beginning:


National Exhibition 1953

The very first National Exhibition was held at the Odeon Cinema, Guildford. The winning picture (no Rosebowl yet) was "Spiral Staircase" by C. Penny.


National Exhibition 1954

The second National Exhibition was also held at the same location. The winner was John. B. Brand.
No title available for this picture.


National Exhibition 1955

Bridge of Sighs

This was the year of the Rosebowl's introduction. The first winner was Paul Jobling with "Bridge of Sighs". A colour photo has recently been found of this historic picture - we are now pleased to display it here for you to enjoy. This exhibition was held at the Gaumont Cinema, Manchester.


National Exhibition 1956

Held at the Odeon Theatre, Leeds.

The Rosebowl Winner for this year was S. H. Sanders with the picture titled "Contentment"


National Exhibition 1957

Crown Hotel

The Rosebowl for 1957 was won by R. M. Owen of the East Surrey Group. Title of the piece is "Crown Hotel, Wells, Somerset". The photo above is a facsimile of the picture in an estimated reproduction of the period.


National Exhibition 1958

Held at the Davis Theatre, Croydon.
The Rosebowl Winner for 1958 was J. Byrne with "Norway Sun"


National Exhibition 1959

Law of the jungle
Law of the Jungle
by R. Cotterell


National Exhibition 1960
(No entries, see below)



Sadly, due to moving the National Exhibition from the Winter months to the warmer early Summer months, meant that a National Exhibition was postponed for the year of 1960.



National Exhibition 1961

Early American
Early American
by H. Quick


National Exhibition 1962

by A. Vigus

(This is a miniature picture)


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