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Marquetry in Austria

Austria is a country that produces some really superb examples of wonderful marquetry.

Let us introduce you to Austrian marquetry artist Willibald Schmid, here is his story:

Born the son of a master carpenter in 1950 Vienna I naturally became interested in all things to do with wood, especially veneers and their use in art.

From 1956/60 I attended elementary school in Vienna
1960/64 saw me at secondary school in Vienna
1964/67 was then spent at a Vocational School in Vienna
In 1967 I graduated as an artist and cabinetmaker.

From 1964 to 2010 I worked without a break in producing marquetry inlaid work  in the artist carpentry style (where inlaid elements are  used in furniture production to display wood or veneer inlays in picture form) until my retirement in 2010.

You certainly need a good veneer stock when you begin producing inlaid pieces in quantity.
In the 90's, a hobby artist club became aware of my Pictures. I then joined this group of specialist artists. In collaboration and discussions with them they advised me of ways and means to go about adding more detail to my marquetry work.

Static images (above all old pictorial views of Bruck / Leitha) allowed me to participate in creating the first public exhibitions  which included my art and craft. It then gave me the motive to perform solo exhibitions, which with some stylish direction and an enhanced repertoire have allowed change over the course of time and expanded the exhibitions to a higher level.

Becoming a known artist specialising in the subject of plants and flowers, and above all portraits, I now also include works from the past.

More images can be seen on my website at:

With all best greetings from (Berndof) Austria

Willibald Schmid.

Horse Drawn Carraige
Carraige and Horses

1920s car
Merecedes SLK

Pope John Paul

Umbrella picture
The Poor Poet

Village Lane
A Quiet Village Street

Willibald Schmid in his workshop



ein Innenhof im burgenland
ein Innenhof im burgenland


hallstadt im winter
hallstadt im winter


kaiser Wilhelm II  und franz Joseph I
kaiser Wilhelm II und franz Joseph I


Österreichs nationalteam 2013

Self Portrait
Willibald Self Portrait


Mick Jagger


Klaus Kinsk


Jack Nicholson

Sean Connery

Eric Clapton

V Twin Motor Bike

Willibald with a display of his Marquetry

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