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2023 International Marquetry Exhibition Gallery

Online Membership Applications & Renewals

Early National Exhibition Gallery Room 188

Can We Help? page 78

2023 International Marquetry Exhibition 'Others' Gallery' Page 6

2023 International Marquetry Exhibition Award Winner's Slide Show

Bricks, Walls, Tiles & Pebbles in Marquetry - DVD Review

Independent's Gallery room 20

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2023 Gallery

Online Membership

Early Nat's Room 188

Can We Help?

2023 Others Gallery

2023 Slide Show

DVD Review

Indie's Gallery Room 20


June 2024

Our 2024 International Marquetry Exhibition

Yes, our 2024 International Marquetry Exhbition took place in May. We hope that you enjoyed it.

See the very best marquetry on display for you to marvel at with our September website update. Click the link on the right for more information.

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2024 Marquetry Exhibition
June 2024

Our new eMag membership

After trialling this sytem in the USA for the last few years, we are now introducing it worldwide. This, we are pleased to say, is a new cheaper version of Marquetry Society membership where, instead of receiving a printed copy of our magazine The Marquetarian, you instead receive an electronic copy each quarter as an email attachment.

To check it out and apply for eMag membership, click the link here >>>

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eMag Membership

January 2024


Since October 2023 PayPal no longer supports small business accounts, which means us! Therefore our 'Buy Now' buttons no longer work and we have removed them.

Our 'Donate' button is, however still working, but it is possible that PayPal will soon remove support for that sometime in the future.

We are currently researching for the best alternative to PayPal and as soon as we have decided which would be the best and safest, we will introduce that one to our website.


We have now opted to use Stripe for our online payments. This works basically the same as PayPal, but the "BUY" button can seem a little confusing as it displays £90 as the payment. This amount is the total of all three locations, so don't worry. Just click the "BUY" button and delete the areas that do not apply to you. The remaining area which applies to your location will now display the correct payment for you. So, just complete the small form on the right and when it returns you to this website, your online payment is complete. We hope you find this method convenient.

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Subscription Pay Online

Application for membership form

Ongoing until


A Continuing Offer for 2024/5: Due to the success of our "2 for 1" new membership only offer introduced in 2006, we have decided to extend this offer throughout 2024. To take advantage of this offer become a NEW MEMBER of the Marquetry Society in 2024 and get your membership subscription for 2025 totally free!!

Yes, that's right, on becoming a new member of the Marquetry Society you will be entitled to receive the second year of your membership at a 100% discount for the whole of that second year!

It is a marvellous offer and is one we are sure that you will not want to miss.
To take advantage of this exceptional offer please select "Join Online" or make use of the "special" subscription form you will find on this web site.
For a short cut to either just click the appropriate link in the box on the right:

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September 2023

2023 Rosebowl Winning Picture

Click the link on the right to see our 2023 International Marquetry Exhibition award winning exhibits.

These are a wonderful example of marquetry at its best - enjoy!

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2023 Gallery

August 2023

Our work on other websites

We have been fortunate enough to get a lot of our work displayed on other websites. These are Facebook ones and are titled 'Marquetry and Inlay' & 'Marquetry Art' & 'Marquetry Society'..

On the right are links to them, do check them out and see if you will also enjoy seeing our work there. It is attracting rather a lot of feedback which all seems to be in our favour. it will be rather pleasant to see if it helps to bring in more new membership to our ranks.

You may need to join the group (or Facebook) before it will allow you into the Gallery pages. This is very simply done and only takes a minute or two.

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Our work in Marquetry & Inlay

Our work in Marquetry Art

Our work in Marquetry Society

From February 2022

& Ongoing until it's completely fully over


This coronavirus menace and all of its variations that seems to be affecting every walk of life at present has obviously had an affect on the operation of the Marquetry Society.

We had intended to run our annual International Marquetry Exhibition in May 2020, but because of this coronavirus and its health implications we sadly had to cancel the exhibition for 2020 and rescheduled it for later in 2021 instead. We did get our International Marquetry Exhibition taking place in October and we will be bringing the gallery here, to you, with a subsequent update, so stay tuned. Meanwhile you can see our top award winner by clicking the link on the right - enjoy.

Our 2021 International Marquetry Exhibition Gallery was added to this website in March 2022 so that it coincided with the publication of the spring 2022 edition of our magazine The Marquetarian which featured the exhibition in print. This is intended to keep our publishing dates in sync with each other.

So, do keep tuned as the saying goes - and we wish good health to all of you our website visitors. Do keep well.

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2023 Rosebowl Winning Exhibit

June 2023

2023 International Exhibition Gallery

The 2023 International Marquetry Exhibition Gallery is now up and running with our September 2023 update.

Those 2023 Gallery pages are now happily available, just click the link on the right to see them >.

We hope you enjoy the exhibits and we thank you for your patience over the long wait, it is much appreciated.

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"2023 Exhibition Gallery"


Data protection of our membership's stored details are of prime concern to us.

We do have a policy which you can view online.

For more information about our data protection policy please click the link >>

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"Data Protection Policy"

Join Us As A New Member Online

You can now enrol as a new member of the Marquetry Society online and also pay your subscription (2 years subscription for the price of 1 for new memberships) online via our secure PayPal buttons.

This is a very convenient way to become a member of the Marquetry Society. No more tedious filling in paper forms and writing cheques and posting them off, it can all be done from the comfort of your computer keyboard and screen in just a few minutes.

We look forward to welcoming you as a new member of the Marquetry Society. Just click the link and select your geographical location >>>

Note: Established members can also renew their subscriptions by selecting the "Renew Subs" option on the selection page (it's first page that comes up when clicking the link on the right) and completing the online form and clicking the appropriate PayPal button for renewals.

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If you are using Google Chrome as your web browser you may notice that "Not secure" appears next to our website address in the address bar.

This does not mean that the website has any security issues, it is just at the moment we have not installed a SSL certfificate in order to give a prefix of HTTPS instead of HTTP at the start of the complete website address.

NOTE: We have now installed our SSL certificate and we are running a HTTPS version of this website. We are just waiting for the search engine spiders to catch up!

No financial transactions or personal data is, or are actually done, on this website. If you use our online payment services these are done via the secure PayPal servers, they are not done within this website. When you click any of the 'Buy Now' buttons they automatically and invisibly redirect you to the PayPal servers where you do your secure transactions. You then get automatically returned to our website when your dealings are complete.

This anomoly only appears to be associated with Chrome as far as we are aware. Other browsers do not display any such messages as far as we can tell from our researches.

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From September


Chelmsford Marquetry Group launched their new website with our September 2017 update. It was last updated with a recent 2023 update.

You'll find loads of information about this very successful group in their web site. So, don't hold back, click the link and enjoy an online visit to the Chelmsford Marquetry Group.

For more information about the Chelmsford Group please click the link >>

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Ernie Ives was the editor of the Marquetarian magazine for over 30 years and was also a marquetarian of the highest grade..

Ernie not only made some of the best marquetry you will ever see, he also taught marquetry in his own workshops.

To see examples of Ernie's work, just click the link on the right to vist his online galleries - as we say with Richard Shellard's work below, you will certainly not be dissapointed>>

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Our 2021 International Marquetry Exhibition was a great success and attracted a great many visitors.

To see these 'Box Brownie View' photos of our 68th Exhibition and its wonderful location, just click the link on the right >>>

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Breaking News: A new Independent Members secretary has now been appointed - he was introduced to you with the autumn website update. First though, he was introduced to our membership via our quarterly magazine The Marquetarian.

The Independent member's section of the Marquetry Society had, until fairly recently, operated under the help and guidance of long standing Marquetry Society member Clive Jones.

Clive had been very active on behalf of the Independents over many years, and we (your Executive Committee) thought it would be therefore be most appropriate to retain all of Clive's input to this website for the benefit of all Independent Members.

Clive added copious amounts of designs and line drawings to our online library for the use of all our membership. You can use any of these designs for your next marquetry project if you wish to. Click the name or title in your selected 'thumbnail' and you will be presented with an A4 sized PDF picture of your chosen subject which you can then print as normal, or if you choose, you can save the file and resize or print out from that saved file whenever you wish.

Clive also added a condensed version of Shao Nan Huang's excellent marquetry article from the Winter 2012 edition of the Marquetarian to your Indie's pages for you to enjoy. It is a really excellent read.

Just click any of the links on the right to to check out all things "Indie" or just to select a design for your next marquetry project - do enjoy >>

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Award Winning Marquetarian Susan Bart was the featured artist at prestigous art gallery Skylark Galleries 2 at OXO Tower, South Bank, London for most of August this year. To read more, visit the Skylark Galleries website for further information. Just click the top link in the box on the right   >


Talented Marquetarian Susan Bart held a rather successful Marquetry Exhibition at prestigious Stowe School Gallery recently and we published a report on the exhibition in our magazine The Marquetarian.

The feedback we received from this report was so overwhelmingly in favour of this exhibition that we felt it to be only fair if we brought it to you on our website as well - so we have done that!

Click the link on the right to read about this exciting advance in a modern approach to marquetry - you will find it as inspiring as we do we are sure.

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September 2023


Our International Marquetry Exhibition 2021 Gallery is currently available on this web site. Select your link to enjoy either a slide show of the award winning exhibits, or a leisurely wander through our gallery pages where you can examine each exhibit at your leisure in finer detail. >>

Our 2023 Gallery was added with the September 2023 update so that it coincided with the publication of our Autumn 2023 edition of The Marquetarian magazine. Enjoy. Our 2023 Gallery has been added to this website with our September update.

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The 2019 International Exhibition DVD is currently available in high level print quality from Peter White, price £10.00 including p&p (UK only). USA members, please contact Ernie Mills. Other countries please contact Peter for a price.

The DVD features a scene setting introduction, along with all of the entries to the 2019 International Marquetry Exhibition. All the award winning pictures follow on in class sequence. All the remaining exhibits, along with the class 10A International photos, are shown under a separate title. Complete catalogue information is included.

The very latest DVD in our training series titled "Artistic Considerations and Veneer Choice in Marquetry" features the composition of a marquetry project from the viewpoint of an artist. Even if you have never considered yourself to be an artist, this tutorial will guide you through the compositional elements you need in order to produce a very pleasing design for your own unique marquetry picture or piece. The DVD also guides you through choosing the best veneers for your chosen project. Once you know them, the guidelines are much easier than you think.

"A Beginners Guide" tutorial DVD is aimed at beginners new to the art of marquetry. This disc demonstrates the build of a marquetry kit picture from the opening of the box to the polishing of the completed picture prior to hanging it in pride of place on your living room wall. This is a 'must have' for those who have been tempted to try their hand at marquetry, but have never had the confidence in their latent talents and skills.

Also available from Peter is a fully narrated video DVD entitled 'Marquetry Techniques and Tips', the price, as is the price of all our training DVDs, is £10.00. The 46 minute video, aimed at intermediate to advanced marquetarians, but also containing useful tips for beginners, covers cutting an initial window method to be let into an oval cartouche, gluing a thin stringer around a circle, applying stringers to a rectangle and letting in a panel using the 'reverse window' method.

A new DVD of Geometric Marquetry is also available at the same price as the 'Techniques & Tips' DVD. Click the preview link on the right for a short sample of excerpts taken from this latest disc.

Another new addition to our Tutorial DVD training discs series, this one featuring Master Marquetarian Alan Townsend, has now become available. This new DVD features not only Alan covering the subject of veneer preparing in a professional capacity, he also guides us through the tricky subject of portrait work in marquetry. Check out the link for more information >>

A new DVD of Bricks, Walls, Tiles and Pebbles in Marquetry is also available at the same price as the 'Techniques & Tips' DVD. Click the preview link on the right for a short sample of excerpts taken from this latest disc.

Please Note: To purchase any of these DVDs, please contact Peter by phone/letter or at his usual email address, found in The Marquetarian, or you can enquire by Emailing Peter at

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Email for more info at:


if you are using Windows Mail
or Outlook Express, just
click the link below to
open a preaddressed
Email form:
"DVD offer"

"Artistic Considerations"

"A Beginners Guide"

"Geometric Marquetry DVD Preview"

"Alan Townsend Presents"

"Techniques & Tips"


"Bricks, Walls, Tiles and Pebbles in Marquetry"



Our March update brings you 'Room 6' of our 2023 "Other Entries" gallery where exhibits, that unfortunately missed out on achieving an award at the recent National Exhibition, nonetheless still attain the chance of displaying their artistry and craftsmanship in their own special gallery.

This "Other Entries Gallery" follows on from the same highly successful gallery of the same name that we introduced a couple of years ago.

The 2023 exhibits will replace the 2021 exhibits on a month by month basis until all the rooms of the gallery have been changed. This method ensures that each exhibit gets to be displayed for at least a full year.

If any other rooms are required they will be updated to the 2023 entries on a pro rata basis as each update goes by. Therefore the July 2021 update saw Rooms 8-9-10 being added with the remaining 2020 entries on display. That particular July update in 2020 finally used up the last of the remaining 2019 National Exhibition entries.

As mentioned above, we now have rooms 9 and 10 added to this gallery. These rooms contain 12 entries each and they display the last entries from previous exhibitions.

Our March 2024 update brings you the sixth ten exhibits from the 'other entries' category from the 2023 International Marquetry Exhibition..

Click the links to visit 'Rooms 1 to 11' of the Other Entries Gallery >>>

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We get asked quite often "what are the rules for making marquetry?" and "what do the judges look for when judging at our annual exhibitions?"

Well, to put your mind at rest and to show you exactly what the rules and guidelines are, we are publishing those rules here for you to read, print and digest to your complete satisfaction.

Just click the link on the right and you can read the very latest guidelines which are used by our judges at our International Exhibitions - even including this year's one! >>

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Iran is one of those countries so often in the news these days for mostly political issues; but politics is not one of those things we do here, ourselves we live in the more ethereal sphere of the wonderful world of marquetry.

Marquetry, no matter where it originates from, is a universal joy for all who are involved in the art, whether they are the makers or, just purely anyone at all who marvels at the beauty of a wonderfully produced picture created from nothing more than simple wood veneers as the prime artistic medium.

The art and craft of marquetry has been around since biblical times, and any country with a rich history of decorative art dating from those distant times is obviously going to have artistic traditions reflecting those very centuries of just such wonderful artistry.

Iran itself comes into that noble category of ancient art forms which have matured into a superbly crafted representation of the country's artistic lineage.

But don't just take our word for all of this, click the links and see for yourself >>>

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Our June 2024 update brings you another selection from National Exhibitions gone by. This latest selection comes from the 2016 National Marquetry Exhibition. The earliest colour pictures we feature in this Early National Marquetry Exhibition pages (or rooms) come from our 1976 Exhibition. Earlier exhibition photos are in monochrome and will appear elsewhere on our web site.

Some of the work will be familiar to many of you - and much of it will be distant memories, or even "new" in relative terms. Anyway, we hope you will enjoy this month's selections and wonder again at the superb work of yesteryear. Unfortunately, with the massive slide collection that these photos derive from, we are afraid to say that reference notes were not always included as to the work's titles or names of the Marquetarians who made the pieces.

Thanks are due to those kind people who recognised the pictures and sent in the correct information about the titles and makers of most of those 'temporarily titled' pictures. If anyone recognises one of those 'temporarily titled' works, especially if it is their own, could they contact us and supply us with those details so that we can attribute each work appropriately. Just a quick e-mail would be most helpful.

Do note that as from the December 2012 update, the selection menu at the bottom of each page from 51 onwards now has a single link back to the first 50 pages. We have done this because the page selection menu would have filled half of each page in time! We hope you find this helpful. Earlier this year we reached the 1,000 exhibits mark - that is certainly a lot of marquetry exhibits for you to enjoy! In fact there are around 1,500 marquetry exhibits here in this gallery for you to check out - as we say "enjoy your visit". There are over 140 gallery pages for you to visit!

With this many exhibits for you to study, you may find it valuable to note the steady changes in technique which materialise over the years. The changes are not overtly obvious, but they do help to bring marquetry up to the highest artistic standards possible at that time. When compared to today's marquetry you can see how marquetry has moved onto even higher inventive standards.

How long before we see marquetry displayed in the National Gallery? Now there's a wonderful thought!

We hope you find your visit to this gallery will be absorbing and interesting.

The June 2024 addition is labelled "2018-F" >>

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This question is often put to our editorial team - and I'm pleased to say that most of the time we are able to come up with an appropriate answer to the query.

Even though we have extensive archives and abundant knowledge on all matters marquetry, sometimes we can get "caught out" when trying to identify the maker of an early and very individual piece.

For this reason we introduced our "Can You (We) Help?" page in 2007. This section of the web site has proved popular with our visitors, so for that reason we have expanded the facility.

We were very fortunate to have the help of Herr Otto Chlup for several years guiding us through the history and practices of the Buchschmid and Gretaux Wood Inlay Company. Otto was the owner of ABC Studios, Heidelberg for many years and was also the main agent for Buchschmid and Gretaux, so his wealth of knowledge on this company was exemplary. He was an enormous help to us.

Do note though, that the information we display on our pages are "as supplied" to us and do not constitute the Marquetry Society's own opinions on the subject. Such observations as we make are purely that, just observations and not guaranteed opinions from which to formulate a judgement by. If you are able to find better informed information on the B & G subject, please refer to that in preference where any confirmed accuracy is required. Nonetheless, it's another "well done" to everyone of you who are contributing to this now, rather unique resource. It is your input which is helping to make this section of the web site so very popular and useful to collectors of these beautiful Buchschmid & Gretaux pieces.

Our latest update features some rather special pieces, do read on:.

Page 78, our latest update, features a couple of B&G pictures which will now reluctantly be eing offered for sale on EBay soon.

Although we display tvarious wood inlay pieces (mainly B&G pieces) in our galleries, we do not act as sales people or brokers in such transactions as may result from their display. We show them as fine examples of the B & G craft - and as a matter of courtesy to the owners we mention that the owner would like to sell them if they previously inform us as such. Any resultant transaction is purely between you the prospective purchaser and the owner of the piece in question. All we will do is pass your contact details onto the owner of the piece; anything else is between you and the owner of the piece you are interested in.

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In the 1950's and 60's marquetry kits were a very popular form of entry into the fascinating world of marquetry proper.

Generally those kits provided everything you needed in one box. The example we feature in our Memory Lane series is actually of a marquetry decorated fire-screen kit. Naturally this was quite a large kit, but it was not unwieldy - and it was very decorative of course!

Click the link on the right to see what the Parcel Post would have brought you in the heady days of the 1960's >>>

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From July


Harrow Marquetry Group launched their own web site with our June update.

You'll find loads of information about this very successful group in their web site. So, don't hold back, click the link and enjoy an online visit to the Harrow Marquetry Group.

For more information about the Harrow Group please click the link >>

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We have rather neglected upgrading our Recommended Supplier's list this past year. With our December update, that oversight has been put to right.

The supplier's list now includes recommendations from our members in the USA. All the recommendations are made from personal dealings with the suppliers - and every one of them comes with the highest of praises!

Click the link and check out those suppliers for yourself >>>

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We are often quizzed about where to find Marquetry Courses which will teach you the techniques in a structured format.

Our usual reply is for the inquirer to consider joining a group, as can be found in our Clubs and Groups directory; but this does not suit everyone, and is often inconvienient for many people.

Therefore we have added a new Marquetry Courses directory to this web site. For a list of the latest marquetry courses. Click the link to view the directory >>>

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October 2010


We recently acquired a couple of marquetry kits from the early 1960's which were complete - even including the original tubes of unused glue!

We have assembled one of those marquetry kit pictures and photographed it at each stage. This has been made up into a slide show and is now available here by just clicking the link on the right.

Do take a look and enjoy a marquetry picture "assembling" itself!

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From August 2010


The Sutton Coldfield Marquetry Group has started their own web site with our August update.

Visit their site and spend a wonderful time marvelling at their superb work in both pictures and applied marquetry.

Just click the link on the right to enter their web site >>>

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From June 2010


August brought lots of new additions to the St. Albans Group web site which we knew you were going to enjoy.

An Inter-Group competition was held recently at the St. Albans Group rooms - and a right good event it was too! Of course the main theme of the evening was the competition itself (and not just the huge feast they laid on for us!)

So, click the link on the right and check out the winners by visiting the 2023 Inter-Group Competition at the St. Albans Group web site >>>

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May 2010


People often ask us if we know of any good places to visit and see some top quality marquetry while they are on holiday.

After a suggestion by Einar Solgaard in the latest Marquetarian, we have adopted Einar's idea and we are now including a directory of interesting places to see marquetry while on holiday. Click the link to view the directory >>>

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From the early 1960's up to the present date, the Marquetarian has always included a cartoon or two in its publication "The Marquetarian".

These cartoons are always marquetry based (somewhat loosely at times!) and always provide a chuckle for the readers.

It is now nearly fifty years since they first made an appearance in the Marquetarian - so, as a rather 'loose' celebration of that fact, we are bringing you an occasional series of Marquetarian cartoons.

Click the link and start chuckling >>>

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To compensate you for the lack of an update in June, we have decided bring forward a special article we had been holding under wraps, written by that undoubted Master of Marquetry Alan Townsend, on the very popular subject of repairing damage to a marquetry picture.

This really is one of those topics that comes in as enquiries to the editorial offices on a rather regular basis.

We were actually going to hold onto this article until the end of the year, but, feeling guilty about depriving you of an update, we have brought it forward as a sort of appeasement. We hope you will find it as interesting as we do.

Just click the link to read all those secrets >>>

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Now, to most of you the subject of glue may not seem very interesting, but, this tutorial is definitely something to be recommended.

Due to a nosey bit of "ear wigging" by your web master at an Executive Committee Meeting last year, an absorbing conversation between two marquetry luminaries on the subject of glue became compulsive listening.

The conversation was truly educational, so, not wishing to miss the opportunity, your web master admitted his 'crime' and asked one of the 'overheard' if they would repeat that conversation for the web site. Being the true gentleman that he is, he graciously agreed and made the whole conversation available to us.

Click the link on the right for a really interesting read >>>

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Our good friends at the Redbridge Marquetry Group have recently introduced a new series of marquetry tutorials to their web site.

These tutorials are wonderfully easy to follow and very instructive.

They tell us that they already have several more tutorials in the pipe line for adding to the 'tutorial's library' later on this year. For an initial sampler, check out the Windows Method tutorial by clicking the link on the right, we know you will enjoy it. >>>

Note: Don't forget to return back here once you've finished visiting the Redbridge Group web site!

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Due to the large amount of news items we feature here, we have decided that it's now time to "slim down" this page so that it just displays the news for the current year.

All the previous news items, including their links, that you have previously seen on this page are all still available, but we have now archived them in their own dedicated section.

This move should make finding the latest news much easier and will save you from scrolling down a long page to reach the links buttons at the foot of the page. It will also load the page a lot quicker for those with dial up connexions.

You can reach the archives page by clicking the link on the right, or clicking in the "Click for News Archives" box in the 'headings' above >>>

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(When the web site was first launched)


If you have any questions you would like to ask us, or queries about anything contained in this web site why not send us an e-mail? To contact the Marquetry Society Web Site just click the e-mail link on the right which should open a pre-addressed e-mail form in your browser (if using Windows):

If however you are using an alternate operating system which doesn't present you with a pre-addressed e-mail form, then just copy and paste the following address into your "send to" box:

or, if even that is not possible, then just type it in as seen above, thanks.

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