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The Marquetarian magazine/journal these days always features a half page cartoon along with a few random smaller cartoons. These cartoons are always popular with the readers - but, they have not always been there; especially in the style and presentation that you'll find today.

The cartoons didn't start until early in the nineteen sixties, and even then they still took some time to really get going. It wasn't until the ubiquitous Ernie Ives took over as editor that they started to become a regular feature of the Marquetarian and a most particular favourite with the readers.

So, let's start off with the very first one from July 1962, titled most aptly Cartoon Number 1:

Cartoon Number 1
Cartoon number 1
From issue 39. July 1962 by J. S. Waddington of the then newly formed Medway Group to illustrate the "launch" of their new group


Cartoon Number 2
Cartoon number 2
From issue 47. July 1964 by G. Brown.


Cartoon Number 3
Cartoon number 3
From issue 49. January 1965 by G. Brown


Cartoon Number 4
Cartoon number 4
From issue 52. Autumn 1965 by G. Brown


Cartoon Number 5

From issue 53. Autumn 1965 by T. P. (Unfortunately we do not know who T. P. was - perhaps if someone does they would write in - thanks)


Cartoon Number 6
Cartoon number 6
From issue 54. Spring 1966. Artist Unknown.

More Cartoons Will Be Added In Chronological Order With Further Updates

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