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Laying a picture page title

Using a press to lay down a picture.

In this demonstration stringers and borders have been attached to the picture.  The back, the ends and sides have been attached to the base board. Accuracy in ensuring the picture and borders are square prior to gluing is very import because once stuck down any slight imperfections will be immediately noticed.  It may be found easier to lay the picture down before attaching the stringers and borders as slight imperfections in squareness are more easily remedied.

  1. Place the picture face down on a flat surface and place the baseboard centrally on it ensuring that the mitres are aligned with the corners.
  2. Draw a pencil line around the border
  3. Place the first paper wadding on the base of the press. It is advisable to have some kind of plastic on top of the wadding to prevent the paper being stuck to the picture.
  4. Spread PVA (in this case) glue over surface of the baseboard with a combed spreader. Ensure that the glue covers the whole surface but not too thickly.
  5. Place the glued surface of the baseboard onto the picture, lining it up with the pencil marks that have been drawn. Apply hand pressure and move it around to expel air and to gain adhesion and attach adhesive tape to ensure that it will not move when pressed.
  6. Place the picture centrally, face up, in the press.
  7. Place plastic over the picture followed by the second piece of paper wadding.
  8. Place the top board of the press over the picture followed by the cross members, curved side down.
  9. Tighten the butterfly screws from centre out applying equal pressure to each one.
  10. Screw down tight.
  11. Leave overnight for the glue to set properly.

Rear of baseboard

The rear view of the pre-veneered baseboard
prior to the facing surface being coated
with glue as will be seen in the
following photo sequence

Component parts of the press
The component parts of the press

Starting to assemble press

Our demonstrator Dave starts to assemble the lower levels
of the press prior to gluing the baseboard and
placing the picture package assembly in it

Dave applies the glue

Dave now applies the glue to the baseboard
after first making
sure that the paper wadding and bottom plastic sheet are
in position in the press as seen in the previous photo

Spreading the glue

Dave uses a plastic spreader to make
sure that the entire mating surface
of the baseboard is liberally
coated with glue

Baseboard fully covered with glue
The baseboard fully coated with glue

Placing glued baseboard on picture veneers
Placing glued baseboard onto the picture veneers

Applying pressure to exclude air
Applying hand pressure to exclude air and align both parts

Taping both parts together
Taping the baseboard & picture together after aligning

Taping into position
Finishing the taping and then placing the assembly in the press

Picture pack now in press
Dave now places a plastic sheet over the picture pack assembly

Packing now placed on picture pack
Some packing (paper wadding) now goes on top of the assembly

Fitting cross member bars to press
Dave fits the top facing board and cross members of the press

Wing nuts now added
Now adding the wing nuts and washers

Final tightening of wing nuts

Dave applies the final tightening to the
wing nuts on the press

The press and picture package assembly
is now left overnight to cure

The picture itself
The picture Dave used for this demonstration

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