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The Marquetarian is a veritable mainstay of the Marquetry Society.
As it states on it's front cover, it is the "Journal of The Marquetry Society" and has been in existence in one form or another since the formation of the Society in 1952.

In those early days it was produced as a duplicated sheet (or sheets according to the amount of content) and it was yet to be another couple of years before it was produced in the booklet format we have become so used to.

Those early Marquetarians didn't even contain any illustrations at all except for a small design on the front cover!

The Marquetarian has certainly come a long way since those early days.
Today's magazine is produced to the highest standards that are currently available. Compiled on Mac's and PC's using the latest version of the industry standard "QuarkXpress" publishing software, it is now edited by Alan Mansfield who has recently taken over the mantle from that most respected of erudite Marquetarians Ernie Ives.

Ernie edited the magazine for thirty years, taking over the editorship from Max Newport in the late 1970's. Ernie has edited well over 120 issues of the quarterly produced magazine and has introduced many improvements in that time, notably full colour reproduction of marquetry exhibits and plenty of instructional articles.

Alan certainly intends to do his utmost to keep to those high standards that Ernie set; from the look of this Summer edition, it looks like that goal has been admirably achieved.

There is only one problem with the magazine and it is this; we are afraid that the only way you can get your hands on a copy of The Marquetarian is by becoming a member of the Marquetry Society! it is an exclusive publication after all - and how about this for a recommendation: around 99% of the readers of the Marquetarian keep every issue they have ever received, they never throw them away! how many magazines can you say that about?

So then, let's take a look and see what you will find in the Summer edition of the Marquetarian.

This edition of the Marquetarian features many educational articles we hope you will find fascinating. There is much to read in this latest edition, so let's (as we've just said) take a look at some of those interesting articles you will find inside:

This Summer edition of the Marquetarian has loads of articles which we are sure will educate and please you in equal measures.

There’s plenty for you to enjoy and learn from in this Summer edition of the Marquetarian. For instance, there’s a not to be missed article on marble wood which is a superb medium for portrait work in marquetry.

Now what about the use of fish glue for marquetry? Not heard of it? Then let us enlighten you about the qualities and advantages you can gain from the use of this ancient glue. It may be a very old form of woodwork glue, but it has qualities that modern glues are devoid of. Read the summer Marquetarian and see just what we are talking about for yourself.

Chippendale furniture and its history written by world-wide authority on this subject, being Jack Metcalf of television fame, is reviewed here. It is a fascinating read and explores the individual talents of Thomas Chippendale’s craftsmen. So do take the opportunity to read this book and educate yourself with everything you wanted to know about the production of such exquisite antique furniture, you will be pleased that you did.

A new “victim” of our Cutter Interviews is included in this summer edition. The chosen candidate for this in depth interview is the well known highly inventive Marquetarian and former police officer David Walker. David is well respected for his varied artistic and technical work. An exhibitor at many prestigious exhibitions both here and in the USA, David's work is highly prized amongst connoisseurs of beautiful scenes and portrait work in the medium of hand cut and finished marquetry.

"The work of a marquetry hero" is a must read article about the very well respected Scottish Marquetarian Patrick Levins which describes his life long progress from wood working apprentice to fully fledged top level marquetarian. You may well have encountered much of Patrick’s work on this very website, it is indeed a marvel. But don’t let us waffle on here about Patrick’s superb output, get a copy of our summer publication and become as impressed as we are at such perfect marquetry.

Our International Marquetry Exhibition Gallery has made it's return to our pages. Due to the, by now, well known menace of covid, our 2020 exhibition was cancelled, and therefore we had no exhibits to bring you for last year! However, as we have just held a successful marquetry exhibition a short while ago, we brought you our Rosebowl winning exhibit on the front cover of the winter edition – and following that little taster, the exhibition proper has now returned to our magazine and website with the publication of our spring and summer 2022 editions of The Marquetarian.

With the introduction of the recent International Marquetry Exhibition Gallery, we accompanied it with a full report of the exhibition itself. If you were unable to attend, this will provide you with a flavour, shall we say, of how well the exhibition went. We made this available with our spring edition, so just check that out if you were not able to attend the exhibition in person.

Due to lack of space (for a well filled summer edition) we have, once again, had to hold off the 19th edition of our very useful identification chart of veneers which are all unusual figuring and grain patterns. These veneers are all genuine examples taken from veneers with odd characteristics in our veneer reference library and they are all featured in accurate colours. This series will provide a rather helpful guide for you when comparing veneers for your chosen marquetry project. Part 19 will be included with a future edition very soon. Each veneer example featured is taken from accurate scans of the genuine veneers and carefully colour balanced against the actual veneer itself in order to ensure it matches both the printed and true veneer as far as modern technology will allow us.

But, and then again, don't forget our regular 'Readers Letters' 'Chairman's Chatter' 'Independents Corner' and much, much more.

So, as is always the case, we have yet another excellent issue for your perusal!.

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