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Marquetry in Turkey

Turkey is a country that produces some really superb examples of applied marquetry.

The wonderfully decorated urns and vases you see below are just such a case in point. The large urn on a stand, for example, is a real joy to behold. The workmanship is faultless, and the geometrical marquetry is truly pleasing to the eye.

Turkey is a very historic country, and that history, the culture and the art work produced by generations of craftsmen and artists has ultimately contributed to the high quality of that wonderful marquetry work emanating from the warm and friendly country that is Turkey.

Large Urn on stand
A beautiful large urn on a sculpted stand

Detail from large urn and stand
Detail view from the above urn
Vase Lamp
A wonderful marquetry lamp base

Lamp base in presentation box
The marquetry lamp base in a presentation box

Five vases
A set of five superb marquetry vases

A decorative large urn
Large urn
Yet another superb decorative large urn

Flower picture
Marquetry Flowers

Market Place
Marquetry Picture Design
Marquetry Picture
Marquetry Picture Design
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