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Robin Moulson

If you are a reader of the Marquetarian magazine you will have noticed in the most recent issue a superb article written by Independent Marquetarian Shao Nan Huang about his journey into the world of marquetry.

This is a wonderful and very revealing article which opens your eyes to some very interesting and rather unique marquetry techniques.

As I didn't want you Independents who are not Marquetarian readers to miss out on this informative article, I have with the author's permission, selected pieces of the text and condensed it into a short but still very helpful article which I think you will find very interesting - do enjoy:


Article Title
Compiled from the original by Clive
(after an article in the Winter Marquetarian) 

Taken from Shao Nan's article: TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS

I have learned and practiced marquetry for 8 years as a novice octogenarian. I enjoy the artwork. It has occupied much of my leisure time with prospect of getting great satisfaction. As the projects completed, they were given as gifts to friends, relatives, physician colleagues, and notably donations for fund raising for the hospitals and my granddaughter's ballet school.

The completed projects are blissful reminders of productive time in my retirement years, which was spent with a sense of fulfillment. All my works are now stayed with those who could admire the unique pieces of artwork in display

Being a medical specialist in teaching and research at several universities for 40 years, it was difficult to be inactive as mandatory retirement imposed on me at age 66. Truly fortunate, I learned the hobby artwork at the Marquetry Society of Canada in 2004. At the outset I was mindful, because long ago while in training in United States I was ingrained with a prevailing general notion, i.e. “Can you teach in old dog new trick?"

Since I was not a wood worker, did I have the aptitude to learn an intricate artwork with wood at the age of 73? In retrospect, I found the learning experience exceptionally valuable. The Society members from all walks of the community are congenial. Guidance from the Society founder, Mr. John Sedgwick, and peers is impeccable and always available. Although basic marquetry techniques are easy to master, 8 years of practice is not sufficient to qualify me as an established marquetarian as there are always things to learn and to improve.

White Eagle
White Eagle

Carpentry is not my forte and I would not expect recognition Owing to my long years of academic career, I am intuitively venturous and to exploit better ways in work. Moreover, my aging brain may not be sufficiently ingrained with traditional mode.

I would embark on simple and effective alternatives to get projects done. However, my notable deficiency is having the propensity of employing plenty colour veneers in my projects.

Unknowing to me, the Picture of White Eagle, which was gift to my tutor, was shown at the2011 British International Marquetry Exhibition. To our astonishment it won the first place with three trophies in Class 3 as an independent group.

Encouraged by the success, I submitted two pictures for the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Marquetry Exhibition at the Ingatestone Hall International Marquetry Exhibition.

Pleasant notice then came from the Secretary of the Marquetry Society to say that the Majestic Eagle in Action Flight picture was awarded 2nd Place of Class 4 along with Walter Dolly Salver trophy.

The picture of A Delightful Reading Place was awarded Very Highly Commended certificate. Later, Mr. Peter White, the Chairman of the British Marquetry Society, sent a complimentary note and suggested that I write a brief article on techniques of interest. (See issue 241 for the full article written by Shao Nan Huang)

Delightful Reading Place

Majestic Eagle in Flight

Above: A Majestic Eagle in Flight

Left: A Delightful Reading Place

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