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Page 2 of our Cliff Penny section brings us several more recently discovered copies of Cliff's ground breaking marquetry work.

As you already know, Cliff introduced many of today's elaborate techniques to the marquetry world - he was almost a one man 'invention factory' as far as marquetry is concerned. Anyway, enough of our chatter, let's get on with enjoying a few more of Cliff's wonderful marquetry pictures from the far off day's of the 1950's:

Courtyard scene
Courtyard Scene


Bishop Benners Cottage
Bishop Benner's Cottage, Dereham, Norfolk

Elm Hill
Elm Hill, Norwich


Elsing Church double picture
Elsing Church and Wymondam Square, Norolk


King Charles Children
King Charles' Children


One Queen two Kings
One Queen and Two Kings


Gatehouse Rye
Towards Clock Tower Rye

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