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Cliff Penny was one of the six marquetry minded people who got together on that fateful day in 1952 to form the fledgling Marquetry Society.

Cliff had the privilege of winning first place (the present day equivalent of the Rosebowl Trophy) in the very first National Marquetry Exhibition.

For such an important marquetarian as Cliff, it is surprising to find that hardly any of Cliff's work still seems to be in existence.

However, we are now pleased to say that, due to the kind help of contributor Adrian, one of Cliff's pictures has at last been unearthed. So here, nearly sixty years after it was made, is a genuine Cliff Penny marquetry picture:

Cliff Penny's Map of the World

Cliff Penny's "Veneer Timbers of the World"

(Dimensions approx: 1.4 metres x 1.1 metres)

Using a genuine "veneer key" to display where each veneer originates from,
Cliff produced this superb veneers map in 1952
A wonderful piece of work we think you'll agree.



Cliff's signature

Cliff's signature taken directly from the above Map.

The Marquetry Society displays the above picture with the kind
permission of its current owner.

Gerry Everett contacted us recently with a photographic reproduction of yet another Cliff Penny marquetry picture we thought would never be seen again.

This one nicely demonstrates Cliff's superb marquetry skills, and is all the more surprising when you consider that the accurate cutting we derive these days from the "Window Method" didn't exist until Cliff himself invented it.

Here then is Cliff's wonderful 1953 picture titled: "The Elizabethan Era":

The Elizabethan Era
The Elizabethan Era

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