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President's Choice 2018
Selected from earlier National Exhibitions

Dragon Guitar

Dragon Guitar – Barry Brown 2016

A most striking interpretation of this fire-breathing seven string baritone guitar. You can almost hear the mean sounds that would of have emanated from the instrument. The lacewood, on what looks like Indian rosewood works particularly well. The highlights in just the right places give it a nice lift. A subject not often seen in marquetry so full marks for originality.

Mystic Genie

Fantasy Genie – Frank Brant 2012

This made quite an impact on me when first seen at the 2012 National and on close inspection you can see much fine work. A most unusual composition with the negative space low down only occupied by the genie lamp. The facial features have been exquisitely fashioned, making the apparition quite alluring. No, I won’t say it would have looked better in natural veneers because it wouldn’t!

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