2014 International Exhibition title

President's Choice 2016
Selected from earlier National Exhibitions

The Guardian
by Kerry Rath, Staffordshire Group, 2014

President's Comments: "Right from the start Kerry's work has impressed us at the Staffordshire Group. While there is detailed cutting in some areas, such as grass hiding the smaller animals, the musculature of the stag is achieved with just a few beautifully chosen pieces. A great example of "letting the veneer do the work."

by Dave Gardiner, St. Albans Group, 2013

President's Comments: "Not everyone is a fan of dyed veneers, but for a subject like this they are almost compulsory. These are well chosen and complement the rich colour of the background. Sometimes it's the little things that make a good picture into a great one and for me Dave's veneer choice for the post and his depiction of the barbed wire and its shadow do just that."

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