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Inter Group Competitions


We at St Albans have always had a good relationship with the members of Chelmsford Marquetry Group and it was a natural advancement for the two groups to arrange a biannual competition so that we could meet socially.
So rules were drawn up which included, a very successful way of judging. This comprised of numbering each exhibit and having similarly numbered boxes. All in attendance places a £1 in the box bearing the number of their choice of exhibit. The box  holding the most money wins.
The money goes to a local charity and no one has disputed the result, so far!

The first competition was hosted by Chelmsford in 1999 and was to be an interpretation of a line drawing of birds in flight.
The winning picture was Ted Neale of St Albans with his flying swans below.

Flying Swans by Ted Neale of the St. Albans Group


In 1999 it was St Albans turn to host.

The challenge was to produce a three-veneer picture of dancers from a line drawing.

The variations of exhibits produced were amazing, with many coloured dresses for the lady dancer.

This was won by ?

The best St Alban’s was again Ted Neale.


For 2002 Alan Townsend produced trinket boxes to be decorated using marquetry.

This gave plenty of scope for initiative patterns and pictures.

As we (St Albans) were to host the National Exhibition in 2003, I chose a Roman key pattern with no success!

Roman style Box

3 Veneer picture of Dancers

Probably the most success year to date was the 2004 competition at St Albans as far as number of entries, which averaged about 20.

The theme of a clock depicting signs of the zodiac produced twenty-six elaborately decorated clocks.

Multi Clock

Bar Chat
Bar Chat by Enrico Maestranzi 

Here is a sample of the entries, which unfortunately does not contain Alan Townsend’s winning entry.

Not sour grapes, just didn’t have a photograph!

The 2006 competition at Chelmsford was more challenging. 

We were provided with monochrome drawings of Vetriano characters with which to compose a picture using two of the drawings.

Alan Townsend won with a three-veneer picture.

On the left is an example by Enrico Maestranzi  showing the high standard achieved.

2008 saw the Harrow Group join the competition at St Albans.

Alan Townsend produced mdf Tissue Boxes to be decorated with marquetry.


We had 27 entries and you can see the variation in design displayed in the Box of Boxes on page one of this mini web site.

David Gardiner won with his ‘Sprites box’ as can be seen on the right.

We are now racking our brains to come up with a theme for the next competition.

Group Competition

Each year we have a Group competition, which is a means of encouraging members and to display the year’s work.

The winners of each group are then used in an annual competition with Redbridge Group.

David Gardiner's
Tissue Box
‘Sprites box’


St Albans Group is very active in exhibiting our work and demonstrating at local Fairs, Art and Craft exhibitions to encourage new members.


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