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Big Debate
Big Debate

Big Debate – Ivor Bagley 2014

The debate being ‘What works best? Natural or dyed veneers’. Partly aimed at me, I had to answer that, in this case, I actually preferred the natural veneers. Not being satisfied with simply presenting the Rubiks Cubes straight on, they appear to be in melt down! As well as being a unique and clever idea, the marquetry has been expertly carried out. Take a close look at the cutting.

Whos Next?

Who’s Next – the late Ted Neale 2013

As a lover of birds in marquetry, I always looked forward to what Ted was going to do next. It is obvious that an extreme amount of care and thought went into the veneer choice and coupled with Ted’s masterly technical skills, resulted in an exquisite piece of work. Ted will always be remembered as one of the greats in marquetry.

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