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2019 National exhibition

President's Choice 2019
Selected from earlier National Exhibitions

Leatherback Turtle

Leatherback turtle – Eugene Kennedy 2017

The unusual plan view of this turtle has allowed Eugene to make best use of the veneers he’s chosen, and how well they all work. The dark walnut burr for the patterns on the shell and lacewood for the front legs, rear legs and neck could not have been bettered. Cleanly cut and simple in a way, but very striking.

The Snowball

The Snowball – Frank Brant 2017

Frank, along with Kerry Rath, are marquetarians who must have come close to gaining the Society’s top award on several occasions. The quality of cutting and excellent veneer choice in this picture is there for us all to see. But the bonus for me is the expressions captured on the faces of the two figures. They are probably the best faces in marquetry I’ve ever seen.

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