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Our February update features three large plaques with very unusual and puzzling decoration which we would love to know the real answer to. Our own thoughts are only speculation on our part we're afraid.

Our February update brings you three very fine examples of marquetry or wood inlay plaques or dishes with rather interesting themes.

These are owned by Graeme Newberry and Graeme has asked us if we can identify the purpose of the designs and if they have any significant meanings.

We at first wondered if they had any religious attributions, but from close inspection, it doesn't really appear that way to us.

We did notice that some of the symbols around the center core could be something to do with freemasonry, but that is only a wild guess on our part.

We could determine some alphabetic letters and an omega symbol - also some crosses or plus signs.

However, we have no real idea of what these would refer to.

Perhaps they are intended as purely decorative, but the omega throws us. Why is it included?

There are no makers names or labels on the back and the only distinguishing thing seems to be what would appear to be different initials on each one. 

They are 14”, or roughly around 36 centimeters each, in diameter and there is raised edge around them.

Basically they are parquetry rather than marquetry, the repetitive design confirms that. But the added lettering itself could be viewed as the only actual marquetry element in a true marquetry sense.

Hopefully someone out there in the world wide web knows what these plaques or trays or even pictures actually are, and for what purpose they were originally intended.

They could be some sort of ceremonial or religious artifact, it would be interesting to know.

If you can throw some light on their purpose we would love to hear from you

Just drop us an e-mail at and we will be happy to place your thoughts and impressions in these Can We Help? pages.

We look forward to hearing from you. We are intrigued to find an answer to these rather puzzling, but very attractive, plaques. Thanks, in anticipation, for your help with finding an answer to this puzzle.


Photo 1
Three Plaques
(Photo courtesy of  Graeme F Newberry)


Photo 3
Top Plaque in detail
(Photo courtesy of  Graeme F Newberry)


Photo 2
Middle Plaque in detail
(Photo courtesy of  Graeme F Newberry)


Photo 4
Bottom Plaque in detail
(Photo courtesy of  Graeme F Newberry)


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