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Our September update brings you a "new" (well, it is one we have never seen before) B & G wood inlay picture, which we believe is titled "Four Friends" - plus some paintings from B & G agent Ernst Bernauer's Art Studio.

Our September update brings you a very interesting B & G picture, (property of John Smith) which is one that is actually new to us, in that we have never seen it before - and some examples of the Ernst Bernauer paintings which were available from his art studio in Heidelberg.

The paintings, which are very charming, are owned by Joel Fink who has very kindly allowed us to show them to you.

These look like they are probably oil paintings rather than acrylic. There is a depth and body to them that acrylic, at least to our eyes, tends to lack.

The B & G picture was located by one of our editorial team, and very pleased we are that it has come to light, it is a jolly good wood inlay picture.

But back to Joel Fink's two Ernst Bernauer art studio paintings.

It is interesting to note from the labels adorning the backs of the paintings, that, although the paintings themselves were produced by the Ernst Bernauer art studios in Heidelberg, the pictures were framed by the Fisher Galleries in Albuquerque New Mexico in the USA.

Unfortunately the Fisher Galleries no longer seem to exist. In their place is a Conservatory of Flamenco Arts building, which at the time of writing, has its lease up on offer.

This is a shame because the Fisher Galleries may have been able to provide us with some background information on the operational aspects of the Buchschmid and Gretaux Wood Inlay Company and its various agents and distributors world wide.

It is a shame that the Fisher Galleries are no longer in operation, because, although we have quite a reasonably good knowledge of all aspects B & G, we are always very eager to learn more from whatever source that has been historically linked to the Buchschmid and Gretaux Wood Inlay Company and its trading associates operations.

From the photo that was supplied to us with the earlier location of the Ernst Bernauer Art Studio in Heidelberg, in what we assume is around the 1970s period, it is interesting to note that the studio is located in a residential block of low lying flats or maisonettes.

Not being familiar with that district, we have to assume the supplied photo is accurate, which we have no doubt it is, but if anyone has a photo of either the Ernst Bernauer Art Studio or the ABC Studio in Heidelberg they would be prepared to share with us, we will have to assume the photos we have on file are accurate and correct.

We hope you enjoy the ever growing information in these pages regarding the B & G company and its associates as much as we do.

Do enjoy these educational articles.


Tavern Picture
BG Four Friends Wood Inlay Picture
(Photo courtesy of John Smith)


Ernst Bernauer Painting of a Rural scene
(Photo courtesy of Joel Fink)


Painting Floral scene
Ernst Bernauer Painting of a Rural scene
(Photo courtesy of Joel Fink)


Ernst Bernauer Art Studio Heidelberg Location in 1970s
(Photo courtesy of John Smith)


Ernst Bernauer label
Ernst Bernauer Label from rear of Paintings
(Photo courtesy of Joel Fink)


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