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Our February update brings you a detailed thesis on aspects of the B & G Wood Inlay Company that we think you will find very interesting. Click the picture/page below to downlod the PDF file.

Our February update brings you a very interesting and well researched thesis or document on aspects of the Buchschmid and Gretaux Wood Inlay Company which we think you will find very interesting indeed.

It is compiled as an 18 page PDF document which you can access by just clicking the sample page on the right.

This beautifully researched document was put together by Hanno Rittner and has been made available to our website visitors for their knowledge and interest in the Buchschmid and Gretaux Wood Inlay Company.

If you want to know much more about the B & G company, then this article is a very good place to start.

Although Otto Chlup provided us with lots of first hand information about the B & G company, with his demise we lost a wonderful source of information, but Hanno's researches have helped to fill in many missing gaps in our B & G history.

Enjoy the article.


B and G attributions
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Information on the valuation of Wood Inlay or Marquetry pieces

Please note that we (The Marquetry Society) are unable to give market reference valuations on any marquetry, or wood inlay works, or pieces of any kind.

Any such value information as we do give on this web site has been derived from references to published information made available by the appropriate auction houses.

If you wish to obtain an accurate valuation for your wood inlay or marquetry piece/s, we would recommend you approach a relevant auction house for an up to date and accurate current valuation assessment.

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