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Our October 2021 update brings you some intersting B&G pieces we have not seen previously, hope you enjoy them..

Our October 2021 update brings you two very interesting marquetry pictures by Buchschmid and Gretaux which we have not previously seen.

The label on the reverse of the Hegereiter House picture appears to be of the older style used by B&G, so this picture could be somewhat older than the Marcus Tower picture. If anyone has some information regarding Hegereiter House, especially involving B&G, we would love to hear from them.

These both appear to be of the "Size group 1" category in the last of the Buchschmid and Gretaux published listings, but Hegereiter House does not appear in the list unfortunately.

For information, the "Size group 1" listing is as follows:

Book Worm - Quartet - Fast Friends - Mind over Matter - Musicians - Rothenburg St. George's Fountain - Night Watchman - St. Bartholomew's - Rothenburg White Tower - Rothenburg Marcus Tower - Neuschwanstein Castle

Partenkirchen - Black Forest Mill - Oberhofen Castle - Tall Stories - Nurnberg Hangman's Walk

Stuttgart - Landsberg

Heidelberg - Rothenburg Ploenlein Corner

Chrysanthemums - Flower Basket

Chrysanthemun - Flower Basket with mounting


There are, of course, smaller size groups, but the most popular with B&G owners seems to be the "Size group 1"

Something else we are often asked - and this is very frequently - is how to look after and preserve these ageing works for posterity.

Buchschmid and Gretaux were well aware of this question and therefore they provided a recommendation of the way to preceed in taking care of these beautiful wood inlay works. So here is their advice:

"The art of inlay work rests on very few eyes and hands.

It will always remain impossible to mass produce.

Inlay work is conserved and cleaned like ordinary furniture.

Do not put them right over your radiator, insulate the pictures by underlaid pieces of cork sheet if your walls are very humid.

Try to conserve a minimum of air humidity in centrally heated rooms by hanging water containers onto the radiators."

Wise advice there from the makers themselves.

Herr Otto Chlup advised cleaning the inlay pieces with Lemon Oil and to avoid using water directly onto the work especially if the varnish is starting to crack - which is a symptom of the wood drying out due to the effects of central heating.


Band G picture 1
Rothenberg, Hegereiter House by B&G
(Photo courtesy of Gary Roberts)


BandG pic 2
Rothenberg, Marcus Tower by B&G
(Photo courtesy of Gary Roberts)


Label one
Label from reverse of above picture (top)
(Photo courtesy of Gary Roberts)


Label two
Label from reverse of above picture (lower)
(Photo courtesy of Gary Roberts)


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