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October's update is a little different to our usual Buchschmid and Gretaux Wood Inlay pictures and descriptions.
This month we have the personal recollections from one of Mr Buchschmid's closest relatives.
These recollections give a good insight to the personality and work style of a unique marquetarian.
Do read on and enjoy the wonderful family description of Mr Buchschmid at his work :

Our October 2010 update is all text and the written word this month.

However, it has the distinction of being written by a close family member of Mr Buchschmid's, and it describes wonderfully the intricate working methods of this great wood inlay/marquetry artist.

There is mention in the text of a few pieces of work "left over" which the family may be prepared to sell if anyone's interested.

If you would like to know more, send us an e-mail and we will forward it to Mr Buchschmid's relatives so that they can deal with you on a one to one personal basis (as mentioned in our September 2010 update) 

We think you'll agree with us that it's truly wonderful to have access to personal family reminiscences such as these; which do help to bring a warm and human insight into the work and output of a genuine great man in the wood inlay and marquetry world.


You asked me for anecdotes about my great uncle - I'm not sure I have any particular ones for you, but let me instead give you a general description of my memories of him and his workshop.

He worked in his factory until 1991 - age 78 - when he finally decided to retire and to close his business. But as he had a hard time quitting - he put together a little workshop in the basement of the former business where he would retreat and work for his own pleasure for the next ~10 years.

One image I hold dear in my memory is from the 1980s: my great uncle sitting in the back of the "production room" all by himself on a Saturday (or Sunday) afternoon in front of his 'sandbox' (used for shading individual pieces of veneer) his tongue stuck between his lips, and his huge hands fiddling with the tiny pieces of veneer, so focused on his work he doesn't even hear me coming. 

I always thought it amazing how a man of his size and with such big hands could produce such detailed pieces of art. He died in February 2006, age 93. His wife died last year, age 100. 

We still have some 'left over' pieces of his work - which we'd sell if there were an interest.

Regarding the fate of the company and its premises, here is some recent information on what has happened to them:

The premises (incl. house, former business, wood shed) are all still where they were and, happily, they were not torn down as was first thought. The only difference is that the building of the former B & G wood inlay company is today used by a ballet school.


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