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December's update features what, at first, looks like a somewhat larger and more panoramic view of Neuschwanstein Castle by Buchschmid and Gretaux. But, although the picture looks B & G in style, it isn't!
Scroll down and read on to find out more about this mysterious picture :

Our December 2010 update, as mentioned in our preamble above, displays a superb view of Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.

But this picturesque Bavarian scene isn't one of our familiar Buchschmid and Gretaux works, this wood inlay picture has been made by someone (or a wood inlay company) who use the logo of: "BIK"

Unfortunately we have to admit that the logo "BIK" is one we are not familiar with at present. If anyone can throw any light on who BIK is or was, we would be very grateful to know who this fine artist is.

If it is of any help this picture was purchased in Wurzburg (or Worms) Germany in 1976.

There is a similar, although somewhat smaller, example of this subject from around the same period displayed on page 26 of this series. This picture has the logo of "K" - it may even be possible that both wood inlays originate from the same maker. Would you agree?


Germanic Castle
Neuschwanstein Castle by BIK
(Photo courtesy of  Jane Blaho)


Magic Cabinet

You may remember that odd four opening door cabinet we featured in our November update.

Well, one of our readers, Jary Dotzler, has sent in an unusual, but very plausible suggestion for this cabinet's original purpose.

Jary suggests that the cabinet may possibly

have been designed to be used in the Victorian period by anĀ  illusionist in a magic show.

Well, we have to admit that this is an application we had not even considered ourselves. Indeed, this explanation is certainly quite a possibility. It would certainly provide an answer for those four opening doors after all. And, of course, home entertainment in the Victorian era would easily encompass the skills and prowess of the amateur magician together with his box of illusions!

So it's "Hats Off" to you Jary for a 'way out' suggestion that isn't probably too short of the mark! It's one we like to think is the true answer - after all, it's much more interesting than any mundane medical or static display explanation!


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