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April's update also brings you something very special, it is a photograph of Mr Jean Jaques Gretaux at work on one of his wonderful paintings. These paintings often formed the basis for a Buchschmid and Gretaux wood inlay picture.
This is another rare photo of an artist at work, we hope you will enjoy it

Our April 2012 update once again brings you just the one item, but this one is also very special, as is mentioned in our introduction.

The photo seen on the right once again comes courtesy of Mici Veit.

You see in this photo Mr Gretaux of the famous Buchschmid & Gretaux Wood Inlay Company working on an oil painting of what looks like a Parisian street Cafe scene.

Whether this painting was used as the basis for a B & G wood inlay work, I'm afraid we have no record for that - although we rather think it is probably just a very pleasing painting in its own right, intended solely for display as a painting in the usual style or manner.

We think this is a fascinating photo, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Thanks once again to Mici for sending it.

Mr Gretaux
Jean Jaques Gretaux at work on one of his original paintings
(Photo courtesy of  Mici Veit)

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Information on the valuation of Wood Inlay or Marquetry pieces

Please note that we (The Marquetry Society) are unable to give market reference valuations on any marquetry, or wood inlay works, or pieces of any kind.

Any such value information as we do give on this web site has been derived from references to published information made available by the appropriate auction houses.

If you wish to obtain an accurate valuation for your wood inlay or marquetry piece/s, we would recommend you approach a relevant auction house for an up to date and accurate current valuation assessment.

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