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Here we have several more marquetry enquiries that we thought you may find of interest. The marquetry items displayed on this page mainly consist of pictures that , although they are of very high quality, are not documented in our archives.
If you can help us with some information on who created any of these works and any other relevant information regarding their history, would you be so kind as to contact us by clicking the link to the right of the pictures. Thanks for your help.

This B & G picture of Neuschwanstein Castle is another variation of the picture you will find on page one of this "Can you help?" section.

The 'castle' part of the picture is the same as Bob Boyd's picture, but, this one is shown in a portrait or upright stance, whereas, Bob's is seen as a landscape or horizontal picture.

The veneer selection for the surrounding countryside has also been changed for this picture - although the veneers for the castle itself appear to be the same.

We can only assume that B & G allowed their marquetry artists some level of their own artisitic interpretations with certain parts of their marquetry designs.

B and G castle copy 2
Neuschwanstein Castle

version 2

Dan E. owns this superb marquetry version of Holbein's portrait of Henry VIII's fourth wife Anne of Cleves.

(The original Holbein work resides in the Louvre.)

Dan's marquetry picture was, we think, made by Frank Williams of Colorado, USA.
But as to any other information concerning this particular marquetry artist, or this work, this is not to be found in our archives.

If anyone knows of Frank Williams or of the history of this well executed (please excuse that unintentional pun) work, would you be so kind as to provide us with a little information about Frank Williams and his marquetry work.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

Ann of Cleves
Ann of Cleves

by Frank Willams of Colorado

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Information on the valuation of Wood Inlay or Marquetry pieces

Please note that we (The Marquetry Society) are unable to give market reference valuations on any marquetry, or wood inlay works, or pieces of any kind.

Any such value information as we do give on this web site has been derived from references to published information made available by the appropriate auction houses.

If you wish to obtain an accurate valuation for your wood inlay or marquetry piece/s, we would recommend you approach a relevant auction house for an up to date and accurate current valuation assessment.

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