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Welcome to page 3 of our Memory Lane feature where you will find lots more exhibits from
the early days of the marquetry movement and the formation of our Society.

Another of our early promotional, or publicity, leaflets has been unearthed and sent in to us.
It is somewhat similar to our previous leaflet, but does have some notable differences,
just scroll down to check it out.

Two photos of a legendary member of the Marquetry Society receiving his "Fellow of the Marquetry Society"
certificate have recently come to light, we are very pleased to be able to bring them to you in our
Memory Lane pages.

Front Cover leaflet
Leaflet Rear cover

A re-vamped version of our early publicity leaflet as seen on the previous page of Memory Lane.

The inner two pages contain the same text as the original leaflet, however the design on the cover has changed and the list of officers on the rear page has been updated.

Len Page - a truly legendary Marquetarian

Len and Alf with Certificate

Len Page (left) receiving his "Fellow of the Marquetry Society" certificate
from Alf Murtell (right) at Len's home in West Sussex.
9th April 1986


Len and Alf at Arundel

Alf (left) and Len (right) enjoy at little walk by the lake at Arundel
after a pleasant leisurely lunch to celebrate the
awarding of Len's Fellowship of the
Marquetry Society

Len Page was a very important member of the society from its
earliest days. Len was instrumental in promoting the causes
of the society from when it was just an enthusiastic small
collection of hobbyists up to the world wide movement
of crafts persons and artists that we are today.

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If any of you, our readers, have any items you would think suitable for this page,
would you photograph them and send the picture to us by either e-mail
(as jpeg pictures) or, if an actual photo, to our "Contact Us" address.
We will be very pleased to display suitable "Memory Lane"
items on this page for everyone to enjoy.

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