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Welcome to page 5 of our Memory Lane feature where you will find lots more exhibits from
the early days of the marquetry movement and the formation of our Society.

Going back around thirty to forty years ago, marquetry kits were 'all the rage' and were very
popular with those who didn't want the bother of choosing their own veneers and designs.

Atlas Marquetry Kits were one of the major manufacturers back then, but, alas, they went out
of existence some time ago. Happily, one of their catalogues has survived and we were
given the chance to photograph it for Memory Lane. So, sit back and enjoy:

Cover of Atlas Catalogue
Page 2 Atlas Catalogue
Page 3 Atlas Catalogue
Rear cover Atlas Catalogue

The text in the above Atlas Handicrafts catalogue may be a little difficult for you to read, so we have "OCR'd" the wording and we are reproducing it for you here. We start with the CONTINENTAL Series Kits on page 2:


This modern series of six Atlas marquetry kits will be welcomed by the enthusiastic marquetry worker, who will find in these designs plenty of scope for the exercise of his skill.
The pictures owe their freshness not only to the choice of subject, but also to the interesting choice of the veneers.
A large coloured picture on the box serves as a guide in working, and each kit contains printed baseboard, design, numbered and spare veneers, full individual instructions and the necessary materials to complete the picture.

NUMBER ONE (Beginners) KIT

Specially designed for the beginner this kit contains printed baseboard with all parts numbered to correspond with the numbered veneers included in the kit, spare veneers, carbon paper, special cement, glass paper and easy-to-follow instructions. A full colour guide picture is shown on the box.


The designs for this series all have on characteristic in common—they all depict a single focus of interest set in an appropriate and unobtrusive background. A large coloured picture on the box serves as a guide in working, and each kit contains framing material, printed baseboard, numbered veneers, full instructions and all necessary materials to complete the picture. 


Simplified land and seascapes in an economic polythene pack which contains printed baseboard, numbered veneers, sandpaper, carbon paper, spare veneers, step-by-step instructions and coloured guide picture.


It is the nature of marquetry itself which accounts for the popularity of the craft; sheer interest In the colour, grain, markings and texture of the various veneers, appreciation of how these characteristics may be used in the composition of a picture, and the satisfaction of skilled workmanship.
The only additional requirement to these kits is a Manchester Craft Knife for the satisfactory cutting of the veneers.


These kits contain a ready to assemble firescreen in a laminated plywood on which is printed the design, narrow beading for the frame, numbered veneers and all necessary materials and instructions for completing the picture and assembling the firescreen.

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If any of you, our readers, have any items you would think suitable for this page,
would you photograph them and send the picture to us by either e-mail
(as jpeg pictures) or, if an actual photo, to our "Contact Us" address.
We will be very pleased to display suitable "Memory Lane"
items on this page for everyone to enjoy.

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